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Astrology Chart Horoscope

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2018 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

It is said an eclipse brings in a change in energy that reveals or covers the sun or moon physically either totally or partially and some of these changes can be unexpected. There is a shifting during an eclipse that can provoke a new look at life or a new attitude and some of the influences astrologically are more powerful in promoting the shifts in specific areas.

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2018 through the eyes of an Eastern Sage

The Chinese have a partially different view over the 2018 year that is rest upon thousands of years of the Chinese Astrological tradition. Let's see what the 2018 year of Dog looks like through the eyes of an Eastern Mistic.

The Yellow Earth Dog 2018 - the interpretation of the character

The Yellow Earth Dog - thus the symbol of the 2018 year! But what do we know about Chinese Zodiac sign Dog? What does the Eastern astrological tradition tell us?

Astrology 2018: The Major Transits of 2018

Beware of Major planet transit in 2018 and know their impact would help us avoid major troubles. Moreover, those transits by themselves manifest turning points in the Earth live, those dates will definitely change our lives flow from one to another direction.

2017 Fire Rooster year Horoscopes

Let’s Welcome 2017 year of the Fire Rooster! We are looking forward to the arrival of 2017, the year of red Fire Rooster; because we believe that, our lives will change along with upcoming 2017 events.

2017 through the eyes of an Eastern mystic

According to Chinese astrological tradition, the 2017 Year would be the Year of the Fire Rooster. It is a number 34 cycle called TING YIU. Mixture of the fire element and the rooster sign indicates that the coming 2017 year will be rewarding.

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