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Do you know how is your personal or for example daily horoscope is calculated by astrologer, lean how to do your own horoscope prediction, find out astrology basics.

German 2017, from Hitler to Merkel - no end to the refugees

Astrological influence of Pluto & Saturn on German policy in 2017. The retrospective of Second World War & the Third Reich legacy with what Mrs. Merkel needs to make with terrorism, never-ending wars and refugees.

USA Elections through 2017

Let us find out what to expect in 2017 after the USA president election. Let us look through the chart of USA over upcoming events. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - an astrological comparison and outcomes.

2016 Fire Monkey year Horoscopes

Let’s Welcome 2016 year of the Red Fire Monkey! Many people are looking forward to the arrival of 2016, the year of Fire Monkey, because they believe that their lives will change along with the change of the patron sign.

2016 Wedding Horoscope and Favourable Wedding Days for 2016 year

Every girl’s dream, since her early years is to have a gorgeous, fabulous wedding, where every little detail is to be perfect and top notch. This is why there are no “little things” when organising a wedding, every single detail is important.

2016 Baby Horoscope

Are you expecting a baby in the upcoming year of the Monkey 2016? That’s just wonderful! Why? Well, because the year of this Chinese zodiac sign endows families with talented and successful children quite generously. Little Monkeys are natural born skillful thinkers with quick wit.

2016: The Symbolism of the Image

What the true symbol for 2016 Chinese New Year is? In the Chinese transcendent cycle system, called as В«Heavenly Stems and Earthly BranchesВ» the 2016 is the year of the Red Fire Monkey.

2016 Through the Eyes of Eastern Sages

According to Eastern astrological tradition the 2016 Chinese New Year would be the Year of the Fire Monkey. It is a number 33 cycle called PING SHEN. Mixture of the fire element and the monkey sign indicates that the coming 2016 year will be rapid & dynamic. Let’s see what will be 2016 like..

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