2016 Baby Horoscope

2016 Baby Horoscope

Children born in the year of the Monkey belong to creative type; there are a lot of famous actors, musicians and politicians among them.

2016 Horoscope of Babies Personality
2016 Baby Horoscope for year of the Fire Monkey

Harry Truman, Leonardo da Vinci, Pope John Paul II, Federico Fellini, Gianni Rodari, Anton Chekhov and many other famous people were born under the Monkey sign; perhaps, your children will follow the same successful path. So, what do the stars say about your children born in 2016?

Children Born in the Year of the Monkey 2016

Children born in 2016 determine their future path quite early; they are usually settled with their career choice from a very early age. At the same time, they are rather cautious concerning “family related” questions, they prefer to get married only once. Family and friendship are two key values in their lives. Even though Monkey-people are materialists to the core, they do enjoy romantic surprises and gifts. In fact, this sign’s representatives consider welfare to be something you may acquire rather easily: they are absolutely sure about their bright wealthy future and have no doubt that in ten or twenty years they will do perfectly fine. There’s no need to shatter such confidence, since it has rather strong grounds.

Personality Horoscope for People Born in the Year of the Monkey 2016

The year of 2016 is expected to be quite successful for all people born during this period. Monkey-children are very calm, possessed of exuberant health, quite active and cause almost no trouble for their parents. Although there is a big “but”! You cannot let them feel any lack of attention. Devote all your free time solely to them. They are excellent listeners, and enjoy talking themselves even more. They require developing their social skills. Little Monkeys are rather smart, always requiring new faces of things and fresh pieces of information. They are kind, forgiving, friendly and generous. A newborn in the year of the Monkey usually becomes the life of the party and a bright star of amateur art activities. They are quite vulnerable to what others think of them, and get easily upset if they get negative feedback, though they are hardly showing it. The life goal of Monkey-children is to make others happy.

Monkey-children hardly face any difficulties in life, that’s why others are envious of them quite often. However, successful people are called so for a reason, they don’t have time to pay attention to such trifles. Enjoy life together with your babies and don’t let them doubt that being famous and successful is great.

Baby Horoscope for 2016: Zodiac Sign Relation

2016 Horoscope for Baby Aries

Personality Horoscope for Baby Aries born in the 2016 year of Monkey

They are persistent and stubborn, often secretive and not quite emotional. At the same time, they take rather confident and bold, though small at first, steps towards their early outlined future. Such babies grow up somehow quite fast and become a reliable support for grown-ups. You can easily let them baby-sit their younger brother or sister; you won’t find a better nanny, even if your Monkey-child is quite of tender years. Little Monkeys are very responsible with a sense of justice, they are sharp-witted and will always find a way out of difficult situations. Aries Monkey quite often have a feeling for music and gain a rather good understanding of this art form. Perhaps, you might face one peculiar flaw that can hardly be outrooted: your child can be somewhat lazy; however, his or her laziness implies that all his or her stuff is in its perfect place and nobody has a right to touch it, meaning that you shouldn’t even think of fighting this established order.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Taurus

Personality Horoscope for Baby Taurus born in the 2016 year of Monkey

Wise, reasonable and practical children, if one can apply these adjectives to a child, of course. However…They are, in deed, thrifty and go-getting, which makes them resemble old men. Nonetheless, they are funny and cute, friendly and just. They easily adapt to a new company, make friends and followers in no time. They are natural born leaders, and your goal at this point is to slightly adjust their dominating behaviour, but there’s no need to “manufacture” your kid. These children are usually ringleaders in games and harmless jokes and, as a rule, are the ones developing the plot itself. They are good and reliable friends. They often have a grown-up attitude towards many things, making their parents quite proud of them this way. They walk to their goal firmly and confidently, ignoring minor obstacles on their way. They are realists to the marrow of their bones; sometimes their understanding of the situation is even more accurate than that of the grown-ups.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Gemini

Personality Horoscope for Baby Gemini born in the 2016 year of Monkey

They are kind, sympathetic and docile children. They are quite positive in all meanings. Being A-students in school and goody-goodies in kindergarten, these children impress with their talents and ingenuity. If you are ever to see the school principal, that’s only to find out how significant and talented your child is. Gemini Monkeys are quite good at drawing and sketching. Their drawings are usually interesting and unusual. If you decide to let your kid attend artistic school, expect to hear something in the lines of: “This picture is undoubtedly peculiar!” about your child’s work. And get yourself ready: your child will have an enormous passion about animals and there will be hardly anything between this passion and his desire to have a pet; even if it’s a tiny cockroach your kid feels a liking for, expect it to be your new neighbour. So, you’d better choose beforehand a pet you are personally okay with.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Cancer

Personality Horoscope for Baby Cancer born in the 2016 year of Monkey

They are cute, kind and caring kids. They are quite scrupulous in every way, especially towards anything related to established order, cleanness and hygiene. They prefer healthy food from their childhood. At the same time, there’s no need to act all surprised if your son’s or daughter’s tastes will be rather choosy. Cancer Monkeys are quite obedient and responsible, following all your instructions carefully. This is not the type of kids setting bombs and fires. They make friends with well-bred children and are always in a good company. These children fall in love at quite an early age and take tender care of this deep feeling. This is the point, where you need to be patient and find the right words to support your child. If you are able to understand your beloved Monkey-kid, you may rest assured that you’ve found the most reliable friend in the world.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Leo

Personality Horoscope for Baby Leo born in the 2016 year of Monkey

They correspond fully to their zodiac sign animals. They are wise, fearless and brilliant. These children are natural born leaders. They are independent and undoubtedly sure about their strengths and abilities. Of course, they appreciate their parents’ support, but, in fact, they consider it quite unnecessary. You may rest assured that these children expect to be treated as equals and can barely stand baby talk. They prefer to have the right to vote during family meetings and get quite upset if others ignore them. They are always A-students in school; however, their behaviour might not be the best and vanity is the reason, so you might face such situations quite often. Try to talk this through with your child. But you need to be rather careful at this point, you can easily hurt your kid’s ambitions and it will be quite difficult to re-establish their self-confidence. So, if you don’t know how to address this problem from the start, consult a professional psychologist.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Virgo

Personality Horoscope for Baby Virgo born in the 2016 year of Monkey

This zodiac sign is characteristic of a classic gender division: girls have a stronger connection with their fathers and boys are more connected with their mothers. These children like to stay at home bonding with the family. They are pure homebirds. Unlike many others, these children don’t feel comfortable staying at home alone. They are very talented, but very shy at the same time. Quite often they find it difficult to reveal their full potential. They require praise and encouragement for any achievement. You need to help Virgo Monkeys acquire self-esteem, but just a little bit. If you find the right way to do that, you will see self-sufficient and successful children. Your extra attention is required at the ages of 5 to 7 and at 12 to 15. These children are very good at telling stories. So, you might want to take a closer look at your child, perhaps there’s a future famous writer growing up next to you. Just talk to your kids as much as possible, and their bright potential will reveal itself a lot faster.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Libra

Personality Horoscope for Baby Libra born in the 2016 year of Monkey

Reserved and reasonable, Libra Monkeys are natural born go-getters. They know precisely what they want and how to get it. They prefer to waste their time and energy solely on useful activities. If they decide that, let’s say, algebra is something worthless for their future, you will have to try really hard convincing them in the opposite. But if they make up their mind to enter a medical university, nothing will stop them from achieving their honourable goal. These children value justice above all and take it quite bad, when some situations take the opposite direction. There is no such thing as “staying in the middle” for them, these kids divide the world around them strictly into black and white, good and bad, ugly and beautiful. On the one hand this might seem like a negative character trait, but on the other hand, it might help to find something more important in life.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Scorpio

Personality Horoscope for Baby Scorpio born in the 2016 year of Monkey

They are loving, amorous and charming. But nonetheless, every new infatuation is quite serious for them. And this is the point, where you need to fully understand and support your child. They may encounter their first love as early as in kindergarten. So, you will have something to talk about for quite a while, and get ready for serious talking. Sometimes these love issues may interfere with studies, but just a bit, so no need to worry about that. But you will hardly find a more understanding and caring son or daughter. They are natural born psychologists. Perhaps, this will turn into their future career. They are good at foreign languages, history and biology. They are not big fans of exact sciences, but nonetheless, there shouldn’t be any trouble with these school subjects either. One of the main strengths of these children is their self-control, they remain cool-headed regardless of their strong emotions.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Sagittarius

Personality Horoscope for Baby Sagittarius born in the 2016 year of Monkey

They are calm and reasonable. They are great schemers, quite cunning and ingenious. They always make lots of friends and are often ringleaders in games and at parties. Being appointed class presidents, sports team captains and party hosts, Sagittarius Monkeys are always above all marks and occupy the top of school leaderboards. These incredibly charming children know how to use it for their own good. They are undoubtedly grandparents’, teachers’ and coaches’ favourites. Speaking of sports, you should consider the perspective of ballroom dancing or better yet, sport or Latin American dancing; perhaps, you will help your child to achieve great success in this field. But don’t you even try to make your kids change their mind concerning their future: their professional calling has revealed itself already somewhere at the back of their head at quite an early age, and your goal at this point is to support them in all possible ways and help a bit, if necessary.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Capricorn

Personality Horoscope for Baby Capricorn born in the 2016 year of Monkey

These kids love to study. And their studies yield deserved results rewarding them greatly. Capricorn Monkeys are quite good at science and dig into it rather selflessly. Though, these children are not against a good stroll outside either; the crucial point is to tear themselves away from a book. Roughly speaking, Capricorn Monkeys like to go the extra mile: party hard, love with passion and put life into their creations. Even though it may seem sometimes that their hobbies take over all of their free time, before you rush into interfering with their creative process, ask yourself: is it really that bad? This is the type of kids usually making their parents worry about them a bit. They consider themselves quite independent and quite often will make decisions without consulting adults. So, stay on the lookout, but don’t get too overwhelmed!

2016 Horoscope for Baby Aquarius

Personality Horoscope for Baby Aquarius born in the 2016 year of Monkey

These are the children usually referred to as “self-contained”. However, there are always exceptions. These kids are quite smart, calm and pay little attention to what others have to stay about them. They take their achievements for granted. Though they do not suffer from a star syndrome. They possess a sober and adequate reflection of the world. They are great advisers, when they grow up. These children are outstanding listeners, perhaps this is why they are considered so interesting people to talk to. Aquarius Monkeys are rather patient and can spend endless hours on solving one tough task. The more obstacles occur on their way, the more pleasure they get from the process. At the same time, a small amount of people can achieve the same results as Aquarius Monkeys. “Water wears out a stone”, this is what characterises this sign the best. They might be not the fastest in life, but everything they do will definitely yield results in the end; they always approach each matter “with feeling, with judgment and with deliberation”.

2016 Horoscope for Baby Pisces

Personality Horoscope for Baby Pisces born in the 2016 year of Monkey

They are one of the most emotional and sentimental signs. But at the same time, they are wise and coldblooded, successful and opportunistic. They are rather generous, but you cannot call them careless. These children are endowed with significant intuition and some of them have a gift of predicting future. They are attentive and sympathetic children. But many of them are dreamy, which interferes with their chances of achieving something. However, it must be their destiny that brings certain events to their table making these kids “get their heads out of the clouds”, and make surprisingly right decisions at crucial moments. Pisces Monkeys cannot stand lies, they get offended rather easily, though they prefer not to show it; on top of that, they are significantly creative people and their potential reveals itself in more than one artistic sphere. Once you bring a baby Pisces Monkey to this world, get yourself ready for endless wonders and surprises (of course, those will be mostly pleasant surprises).

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