2016 Fire Monkey year Horoscopes

2016 Fire Monkey year Horoscopes

Welcome the 2016 Fire Monkey year! Generally speaking, those who'll show perseverance and determination and stay extremely active will succeed in 2016.

2016 Fire Monkey Horoscope
2016 Horoscope links and Forecasts for 12 Zodiac signs for 2016 Monkey Year

Unlike the Wood Goat, the Monkey will allow agile and quick-witted people to achieve outstanding results in any field of their activity. Therefore, you cannot sit on your butt, but you need constantly be the center of events. And those who will make every effort and take advantage of some connections will not only advance in their careers in 2016, but also set up their own business, which, in fact, will be very successful. In order to better understand what awaits you in the year of the Fire Monkey, what to watch out for and what direction to move in, you just need to be aware of the horoscope of your particular zodiac sign.

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2016 Horoscope Aries

Aries 2016

Aries shouldn't be worried about a rough year, resembling a ride on an American rollercoaster; the upcoming year of 2016 will bring only stability and harmony in your life. But under a single condition: you must give up your superfluities. Closer to fall, your career path will take a new turn; there'll be a rapid rise that will be followed by a radical change of not only jobs, but also the field of your activity. Everything will be smooth in your love life. There will be no quarrels, no disputes, and no fights. The same peace and quiet is to be expected in the financial sphere. You'll make enough to make a living without significant influx from the outside. You are likely to make some deals that will go through by the end of this year and provide you with greater profits. You'll be safe and sound in 2016. There might be some slight short-term drops in the vitality of Aries, but they will do you no harm.

2016 Horoscope Taurus

Taurus 2016

It's high time for Taurus’s to get into gear. Your accomplishments will continue, with an acceleration of their pace. There'll be plenty of work, but rewards won't keep you waiting for long. 2016 will bring rapid career growth to those with the zodiac sign Taurus. Those employed in trade and sales are expected to face a great opportunity by changing jobs. Your love life will feel like a fairy tale. Although you'll have a mountain of work to do, your profits will increase accordingly. There is likely to be a period within a year when Taurus’s will have to reduce their appetite, but your friends and relatives will help you get through it. It’s their health that Taurus’s should take care of more, not only when feeling under the weather. Particular attention should be paid to eating habits.

2016 Horoscope Gemini

Gemini 2016

In 2016 Geminis can take on any case; luck will accompany you in all your undertakings. It will be better to pay a little more attention to your family and significant other than in the past year. Due to success at work, Geminis may neglect their loved ones. In terms of money, Geminis will feel secure in 2016. Earnings will rise significantly and your career will elevate. Your love life will bring you a firework of gifts; a bundle of attention and encounters. Those who are already in relationship need to make an effort not to be lured by an army of admirers. Those who are single will be destined to meet their second half. The health of Geminis in 2016 will entirely depend on the representatives of this zodiac sign; it's your own responsibility. Tranquility, relaxation and psychological balance will be the key to battle all ailments.

2016 Horoscope Cancer

Cancer 2016

Cancers in 2016 will have to work hard in order to get satisfaction from work at the end of the year. Peace and stability on personal level will guarantee complete harmony in your relationship with your partner. Cancers who are single will find their second half. Money won’t be an issue for you in the coming year. You won't strike gold or win the lottery, but a shortage of dough is not expected either. The stars advise you not to be afraid of taking loans; at the end of the year they all will be paid off. This year can be dangerous for you because of stress and nervous breakdowns caused by working too much, so do not forget to rest.

2016 Horoscope Leo

Leo 2016

The coming year promises to bring Leos more trouble at home, but it won't keep you from extraordinary activity in your professional life. Work will be fun, and the results will be stunning. Leos should stay away from "sharp corners" in 2016, because their hot temper may interfere with the fulfillment of all of their dreams. You can expect fundamental changes in your love life. Couples will take their relationship to a new level. Your finances will be in good shape, as long as you follow the principle of "saving rather than spending". Leos' health will be outstanding; spring will bring an unprecedented burst of energy, and you'll feel a strong desire to play sports.

2016 Horoscope Virgo

Virgo 2016

All Virgos should work hard in 2016 to achieve success. Despite the long awaited challenges from the very beginning of the year, you'll have more than enough strength to overcome these obstacles. At work, try to pay more attention to establishing new contacts and making new acquaintances. Romance in Virgos' love life will give way to sound pragmatism. Virgos who are single will be given a chance to meet their soul mate in 2016. Only those spiritually refined representatives of Virgo who are prone to nervous breakdowns and depression should worry about health issues. It is necessary to get enough sleep and rest; if you do, you won’t have any health problems during the year.

2016 Horoscope Libra

Libra 2016

In terms of work, the horoscope for Libras for 2016 will turn out to be extremely successful. There's a high probability that you’ll move up the career ladder a rung or two. Your private life won’t see anything new in the Year of the Monkey. Your aspirations to improve your financial situation will push your love life to the sidelines. The search for your fate should be postponed until the end of the year. Those Libras who are already in relationships will be luckier; relations in 2016 will be smooth and peaceful. You'll keep your health throughout 2016. Minor ailments and colds are possible but they won't darken the picture.

2016 Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio 2016

2016 will be filled with all sorts of transitions and life changes for Scorpios. It's better for you not to put off your previously conceived plans, but act eagerly and begin to implement them into reality. Scorpios who get actively involved in work will achieve great results. Your private life will be full of bright events throughout 2016. A dark stripe in your relationship will be alternated by a light one, bringing many pleasant surprises to the lives of happy couples. Despite intense work, the health of Scorpios will be in tip top shape. Nothing will bring you down; neither fatigue nor nervous breakdowns. But, nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind the strength of your immune system and to avoid colds in the off-season and winter.

2016 Horoscope Sagittarius

Sagittarius 2016

In the new year of 2016, Sagittarius will face a strong possibility of career growth. You'll find your inspiration for performing labor, and the workflow itself will be a lot of fun. But relationships with colleagues will be a bit chilly. Single Sagittarius should take a closer look at the people around them; perhaps someone already catches your eye. The desire to develop relationships, among Sagittarius who have a family, will lead to a similar response from their partner; as a result, a couple will experience new facets of their relationship. Sagittarius will not feel any financial needs and will be able to easily plan an expensive purchase without significant damage to their wallet. Be more careful about your health in 2016. Working overtime might be a threat that can cause nervous breakdowns and disease. The stars recommend that Sagittarius go on vacation by the sea.

2016 Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn 2016

Capricorns will reap the benefits of boundless calmness and serenity. The coming year of 2016 promises them a smooth rise in their careers and salaries. Before accepting a business proposal, give it thorough consideration. Love storms are not expected. On the contrary, in 2016 Capricorns will start to appreciate what they have. An array of chances to find love will be presented to Capricorns who have not yet tied. If your financial and personal spheres are in harmony in 2016, you still need to pay attention to your health. By no means forget about rest and give yourself a break; otherwise, such perpetual brain activity will be the cause of a nervous breakdown. Also, the stars recommend keeping an eye on your digestive system and liver.

2016 Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius 2016

In 2016, those with the zodiac sign Aquarius will become more active and energetic. At work there'll be changes for the better. Set your goals as high as possible, and all your conceived plans will be carried out. Aquarius should rely on their intuition while closing deals. Your relationship with your partner will undergo a torrent of passion. Even flirting is possible, but do not forget about the old strong bonds, which shouldn't be wasted. In terms of health, you should be more concerned about your nervous system; try to avoid unnecessary tensions at work. In addition, the stars recommend that Aquarius in 2016 should not be drawn to harmful fatty foods and alcohol.

2016 Horoscope Pisces

Pisces 2016

Pisces will effortlessly find themselves in a state of calm and well-being in 2016. Acting in any sphere of life, the representatives of this zodiac sign will literally feel the support of the stars on their skin. Work will get done, and profits will fill your pockets. Pisces who have a family will be blessed with stability and experience a strengthening of feelings of love. Pisces who haven’t been lucky before in search of their significant other will have a great chance to finally find one. The year of the Fire Monkey for Pisces will be ideal for reconsidering their diet. It's high time to say goodbye to unhealthy lifestyles and think about sports. Pisces should also have more rest and sleep, and then nothing will stand in the way of their success.

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