2016 Pisces Finances Horoscope

2016 finances horoscope for pisces
The representatives of this zodiac sign throughout the upcoming year can expect a full support from Jupiter and Mercury, to some extent though. The beginning of the year predicts a power-ful, bright and dynamic development. It’s the best time to start your own business! This ex-tremely favourable in all ways period will last up until April. The situation will worsen, how-ever, by the fact that you are unlikely to bring about all your possibilities, though you will hardly need all of them. You will still have a handful of options, each requiring its own share of financial expenses. Of course, it’s reasonable to focus on the most promising one, but you will get a few of those. You shouldn’t try too hard “catching ‘em all” though, you won’t succeed anyway. All you need is to devote your time wisely to one or two directions, so that you could celebrate your victory as soon as by the middle of the year.

Quite a peculiar time period awaits you from mid-April till mid-July. You won’t to do…anything at this point! At least this is what it’s gonna look like. Actually, this is what it has to look like. At this point you need to focus on accumulating your resources instead of wasting them. This is a crucial moment, which will outline in many ways your future business development. Meaning that if necessary, you might disappoint your sweetheart a bit, who might have been expecting to make a significant purchase at the moment. You will need to build a steady foundation making it your starting point in future, i.e. having a possibility of fac-ing a similar situation as at the beginning of the year. A powerful flow of energy from Jupiter’s and Mercury’s end will help you strengthen your financial state and open up even more possi-bilities. But this is what you can expect in future; for now you have to stay low. By the way, this will be a great diversion for your competitors, who upon watching your idleness, will un-reasonably cross you off the “race board” making their fatal mistake.

The third decade of July up until the first decade of December will bring you the joy of harmo-nious and at the same time dynamic time. This time around everything will depend solely on your personal preferences. If you feel like it, you can repeat your financial push, or you can choose a new tactics that is more settled and calm. On the whole, the circumstances will try to force you following a more active path, but in fact, both options will turn out to be equally rea-sonable. That’s why it is crucial to stay on the lookout at this point, since fate gives you a full freedom of action, an absolute independence from outside factors and circumstances (including celestial impacts). October, November and December will merge into one time period, which will reinforce the tendencies you’ve chosen during the previous period. Meaning that your ce-lestial protectors will continue to support you; the key point for you at the moment is making your actions follow good intentions. Then you won’t face any financial problems.

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