2016 Health Horoscope for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

2016 Health Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio Health Horoscope 2016 for the year of the Red Fire MONKEY

2016 Horoscope

Mars and Pluto are the planets, which will have the greatest effect on the life of Scorpio in 2016. Of course, these planets' influence is mentioned in the context of health aspect, which requires extra attention. Scorpio are unlikely to look after themselves, as well as looking out for others. This is quite a peculiar zodiac sign, which means that their problems are also quite extraordinary. In fact, the time period between January and August 2016 is fearless for Scorpio concerning at least health aspect. At this point you can hardly pick up any infection; even the male sex during their "spring activity" can allow themselves a few unreasonable adventures. But only a few! Otherwise, you can receive a vicious scolding from father Mars. Seriously though, your immune system will be extremely strengthened at this point, and the things will turn out to go perfectly well. There is no need, however, to turn on the "God mode", because in the end you are still vulnerable to diseases; the thing is that your chances of getting ill are less lower than everybody else's. This means you can easily walk around a hospital with no fear of catching an infection. This also means that you can ignore colds to some extent, assuming that this it fade away on its own. But don't you take this as a piece of advice, this is just a general characteristic of this time period! Don't you forget that you can still easily get fever during epidemic, don't do anything stupid. If you do not fall into doing downright unreasonable things, you can live through the first half of 2016 without a single sneeze. Again, figuratively speaking.

The beginning of autumn will bring in some changes. Meaning that some things will definitely change, but to what extent depends fully on you. Perhaps, you will have to make a certain choice at the end of August, and it is most likely that it will concern your private life. It might sound surprising, but the choice you are to make will directly affect your health. However, there is nothing extraordinary in this case, since physical issue is a dim reflection of your inner problem. Esoteric followers see it as the destruction of inner energy body followed by the destruction of the physical one. That's why if you notice some health issues, you will definitely know what's going on. Indeed, people, who are always fighting in their families, are feeling bad more often; they are always surrounded by quarrels and routine issues. And all this "filth" keeps on accumulating, and it's better not to think about the consequences in this case. It's even better to prevent this from happening! That is why it's crucial to pay more attention to yourself throughout the second half of 2016; listen to your own feelings. Your physical state will turn into a sort of a lighthouse, which should play the key role, when you are to make decisions. Don't try to solve your health problems by shoving a bag of medication down your throat. Sometimes good old "granny's broth" has a far greater effect. Of course, if you are absolutely sure who and made it, and how it works.

Horoscope 2016

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