Scorpio Horoscope for September 2016

September 2016 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for September 2016

Monthly September 2016 Horoscope for Scorpio
Monthly September 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

For Scorpios the first month of autumn, September of 2016, may well seem a rather vivid and memorable time, however, we cannot call this time stage extremely positive. The fact is that Venus, traditionally responsible for the "expulsion" of the sign Scorpio, will be repeatedly reinforced due to its planetary position and, as a result, its astronomical emanations can, as they say, screw things up. At the same time you should not forget about the Moon, responsible for the "fall" of Scorpios, despite the fact that, as the representatives of this zodiac sign, the Sun's younger sister belongs to the water element. This combination of factors will result in reasonable levels of negativity; however, one should bear in mind the following trends. Firstly, the position of Saturn, the exaltation of Scorpios, implies the total support and stability of your vital energy. Secondly, at this stage the general influence of the stars will be seriously reduced, that is, any external influence on your sign will be weakened, regardless of the modality of the emanations. In other words, you will now get more freedom than ever before. And it would be very unwise not to take advantage of this situation.

Regarding the working sphere, September of 2016 can easily become a very productive stage of life, only if Scorpios appreciate all their advantages; of course, at this very moment still potential ones. Starting from the first days of the month you will need to significantly increase your levels of vigilance and closely monitor your closest associates. What the stars really imply here is that you need to retain and analyze the events happening around you rather than pursue any particular person; you're not a private detective after all. As a result, you will quickly come to realize what's at stake when you implicitly stumble on some new and unique opportunities. How to use them is entirely up to you, but remember that behind the scenes intrigues never end up well, at least for their initiator. This means that you must proceed with caution, but in a straightforward manner, and you need to take action instead of standing in indecision, frantically trying to find the best option. Efficiency is the Scorpios' other ally, which comes second only to vigilance at this stage. If you work for yourself, it will be easier because you won't have to explain anyone your rather strange behavior. However, anyone who works in a team, can always count on the outside help, because, like it or not, the "colleague-colleague" relationship is always more productive than the "colleague-manager" relationship.

The "love life" in September of 2016 will unfold in front of Scorpios a world of epic beauty and sincere feelings. Someone might open up to you and declare their love, a pure, tender and true feeling. Or maybe it will be you who'll take this step. And besides, no one is saying that this manifestation of love won't be mutual, although we cannot state it as an indisputable fact, because a lot will depend on you. A lot, but not everything. Do not forget that you are not omnipotent, despite the fact that powerful emotions really fill a person with a truly irresistible power. Be sensitive to those who are dear to you, try to argue less with them and, if necessary, be as gentle as possible while trying to prove your point. If you are a fairly straightforward person by nature and your demeanor, frankly speaking, gets on many people's nerves, it's never too late to change yourself, even if you're in your sixties! Forget about silly stereotypes and face the fact that all this comes to your own desire, to be more precise, the sincerity of that desire.

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