Scorpio Horoscope for October 2016

October 2016 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for October 2016

Monthly October 2016 Horoscope for Scorpio
Monthly October 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

Scorpio, a unique zodiac sign which combines two radically opposite images, love and death, in October of 2016 will, finally, obtain absolute spiritual harmony. Now the heavenly bodies of the solar system will have minimal impact on the people born under this sign, and yet it will still occur, so it is reasonable to mention it. Saturn, the exaltation planet of the sign Scorpio, will replace the modality of its energy flows, and will block its positive fluids coming in your direction. But the Moon, in its normal position responsible for the "fall" of Scorpios, will cooperate with Mars, the ruler of your sign, and this tandem will be more than enough to neutralize the lion's share of Saturn's negativity. In general, the stars predict a really quiet stage of life, which at the same time will surely be filled with various events, although now the dynamics of circumstances will be considerably inferior to those at previous stages of your life. The stars recommend that you boldly march to your target, only occasionally stopping at a kind of "pit stop", and it is natural, because even Schumacher used to slow down at times. Well, you know, for an oil or rubber change...

The working area in October of 2016 may seem like a rather gloomy area for many Scorpios, a joyless time devoid of any flashes for a bright future whatsoever. In fact, this mood will be the result of an "all-of-a-sudden" depression, which will establish itself in the first decade of the month. You don't even have to undertake any measures; suffice it to say, you should just go with the flow and with the arrival of the second decade the situation will "level itself off". At the same time, your actions will only speed up the "recovery" of the situation, therefore, you should come up with a plan of action beforehand. Although if you don't work for yourself, you are unlikely to be involved in any strategic thinking; probably your main weapon will be your tactics. The fact is that now you won't have a lot of work, but when it lands on your hands, it will be quite sudden and unexpected, not only for you. So arm yourself with efficiency and caring tools; these qualities will help you now. If you work for yourself, then the dynamics of this period will appear less energetic, which can enrage especially "zealous" Scorpios and throw them off balance. But don't hurry and don't rush the events; proceed as necessary, based on the context, all the rest, as they say, is just a matter of momentum.

The "love life" in October of 2016 will not throw any special concerns at you, although the stars recommend paying more attention to your family. In the sense that it will be reasonable now to refrain from any conflict, especially if you are one hundred per cent right but cannot prove this to your opponent due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, in the first and second decade of the month you should watch you moves, although in general you are unlikely to have to seriously think over and analyze your actions. The odds will be in your favor in any case, because Venus is entirely on your side. Although, of course, you can always spoil everything, but now you will have to try really hard to end up with such an outcome. Think about what you really want and what is secondary, insignificant and completely impractical. 2016 will generally gravitate towards rational and analytical methods, so you shouldn't be surprised that your mind will come to the rescue in situations where your feelings have failed. In general, we are talking about a quite positive time, which will be fruitful in terms of finances and impressive in terms of emotional experiences.

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