2016 Health Horoscope for Leo Zodiac Sign

2016 Health Horoscope Leo

Leo Health Horoscope 2016 for the year of the Red Fire Monkey

The health of this zodiac sign's representatives in 2016 will depend upon a whole bunch of various factors, thoughtfulness and concentration among them. In fact, the upcoming year promises to be not the easiest one for this zodiac sign; at the same time, positive trends will set the pace. There's only one little thing left to do: catch the rhythm and the rest will follow. At the same time, one should not forget that throughout 2016 Leo will be under a special influence of the Sun, which will have a great positive effect, especially on the health aspect. Nonetheless, better safe than sorry. In other words, dangerous and risky situations won't fade away all by themselves. You can expect a timely support, but only in case it is truly necessary, and not when you want it. Anyway, at this point selfishness can become the source of all your problems, so say "yes" to self-criticism.

The first half of 2016, up until the beginning of summer, is unlikely to have any affect on you. The flow of living situations will be quite peaceful. Of course, the health aspect is in question, meaning that you can lay aside health related fears up until mid-June. There is no need to look for trouble, of course; going to an African country as a Peace Corp volunteer to fight the Ebola virus epidemic is not the best solution. Altruism is undoubtedly a positive phenomenon, but fanaticism in any way is another story. Your immune system will be working the way it should, but there's no need to overload it, at least not for now. Otherwise, you may expect an outburst of chronic diseases. It's not about the exacerbation of the existing ones, but gaining new ones, which are not welcome in your life, perhaps. So, stay on the lookout and do not take risks, especially in spring, when the temptations are in every corner. The traditional for this time period "blooming STD" will pass you by. Of course, this is only the case if you are careful yourself, since you can be fully saved only from those circumstances, which you cannot predict.

A radically different life cycle will take its turn starting from July and up until the end of December. It (cycle) will be marked by a rather slow functioning of immune system. But this will not be your main concern at this point. Far more important is that close to the end of autumn your risks of getting an injury will rise. It's not about a work injury, so you can forget about additional financial benefits for now. Perhaps, it will be caused by absolutely random circumstances, somewhere in the street or in the woods. So be especially careful during walks in the open air. And always stay focused as to what you expect from the world around you. The stability of your aspirations and inner balance will lead to increased attentiveness and will rescue you from a whole bunch of potential problems.

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