Leo Horoscope for April 2016

April 2016 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for April 2016

Monthly April 2016 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly April 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

The zodiac sign Leo, a representative of the fixed cross of the fire trine, will experience minimal impact from the celestial bodies of the solar system in April of 2016. Among the most active "leaders" of the celestial plethora, solely Mercury and the Sun are worth mentioning as they are the only ones that might carry at least some significance during the current stage of the life of Leos. The lord of the vault of heaven will keep supplying its wards with its confident positive emanations, the intensity of which will directly depend on your state of mind as well as your mood. Mercury will try its best to annoy you in every possible way, but it is unlikely to succeed to the extent it was meant to. There will be a minimum number of problematic situations that will only affect the sphere of business, but the extent of this influence can hardly be considered truly dangerous. In general, this stage of your life should be extremely constructive. It can become a particularly important time for you, but be careful not to "overdo it" with your observations, and abstain from extremes. You can easily start seeing the "signs of destiny" in places they do not exist. In order to avoid making these mistakes, stay relaxed and just enjoy the world around you.

The sphere of work, as has been stated above, may knock you over a couple of times, providing you with a unique opportunity to face a number of challenging situations. But, firstly, we are talking more about some "ambiguities" rather than real dilemmas. And secondly, taking into account your energy resources, these situations must be a piece of cake for you. And that's the way it will be, simple and without a fuss. The problem may arise only if you decide to "neglect" these complications and don't pay any attention to them. Then, they may "snowball" into something more or less tangible and dangerous. But it will happen only if you openly do nothing throughout the first and second decades of the month. With respect to your colleagues, the stars recommend that you stay a little more attentive and spare your altruism for better times. Any external influence will not be able to either do you good, or vice versa, harm you. And you will hardly change anything trying to improve the situation of your office buddies. You will be working together and, so to say, moving in one direction, but seemingly independent of one another. Any attempt to rectify the situation will only lead to a waste of resources, which are known for their simultaneous abundance and deficiency.

Your "love life" will delight you with much more vivid and engrossing events. You must have planned something really big for April of 2016. Perhaps, you have decided to finally propose to your second half, or plucked up your courage to eventually initiate a conversation with the object of your admiration. The essence of the situation is not significant, what is more important for you is that this is really a turning point, so in order not to spoil anything, you need to follow some pieces of advice. Firstly, do not forget about the solar support, that is, be fully aware of your own actions, but if necessary, do not hesitate to risk, for now it is really a noble cause. Secondly, April will be full of various events, and therefore, make use of any occasion that may seem really significant. You are always in charge of building your life and you shaping the world around you the way you need it. Some external circumstances quite often have a fairly strong impact on you and may even change this or that decision of yours. However, now you will be exempt from such influence, so doubt yourself as little as possible.

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