Leo Horoscope for November 2016

November 2016 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for November 2016

Monthly November 2016 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly November 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

For the zodiac sign Leo November of 2016 might appear a quite turbulent time, but clearly positive and promising in terms of debriefing. In this respect, a kind of fateful and fatal moment may be observed: at the end of the month you will still come to a predetermined ending, but the road that will take you there can be extremely arbitrary and unusual. Nevertheless, the roads that we are walking on are sometimes much more important than the results we achieve, so you shouldn't underestimate the ambiguity of the situation. Fortunately, Pluto, the exaltation planet of the sign Leo, will be significantly strengthened due to its planetary status, but the Sun, the ruler of this sign, will somewhat reduce the dynamics of its emanations, which, by the way, won't hurt Leos at all. Another important point relates to the fact that the emanations of Uranus responsible for the "expulsion" of Leos, will also be weakened, and Mercury, which is responsible for the "fall" of this sign, will have a change of heart and side with you, totally and irrevocably. It is easy to see how these metamorphoses will play in your favor when dealing with any problem.

In the field of business and entrepreneurship, Leos will be able to achieve the desired results, but, as has already been mentioned, there will be numerous ways for them to raise to the "bar" in November of 2016. The main thing now is not to shut down, even though the temptation to do so will be extremely large; because of the increase of the dynamics in your performance, you are quite likely to face some problems of personal character, particularly with regard to relations with your colleagues. Under no circumstance should you give in to your emotions and momentary impulses. It is better to draw conclusions, analyze what happened and take notes. This will allow you to move forward without reducing your pace, and the most important thing at the moment is to maintain the momentum. You will be able to deal with your enemies later, now you should focus on the set targets. And then, who knows, perhaps, even more interesting facts might be revealed and you will change your mind several times. That is why the current phase will be incredibly fascinating for you, it will teach you many important things, how to win in the most unfavorable conditions in particular. This is a valuable experience, which largely depends on your personal actions and on how objectively and efficiently you will choose from the offered options.

Regarding the sphere of personal relations, we can say only one thing: in November of 2016 Leos will need to compete for their own happiness. With this being said, we are not talking about any global war or total confrontation, it will rather be a kind of warm-up or training that is vital for each of us. If you neglect and ignore his moment, or fail to realize its didactic value, then you will really lose a lot and not only in terms of experience. Therefore, if the fate throws challenges at you, you should take them without hesitation, move forward, no matter what, but you shouldn't try to smash walls with your forehead, you're Leo, not Taurus. If necessary you'd better hide and organize an ambush, but not for too long, because now the time will be a key factor. In relationships with friends, you should try to be as honest and open as possible, even if someone pushes you on the treacherous rode (even humorously). In general, follow your instincts and make no mistake about the human nature, sometimes an honest and rational enemy can be a much more loyal and reliable ally than the old friend whose soul is filled with not the most sincere and frank intentions.

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