2016 Horoscope for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

2016 Horoscope Sagittarius

Astrology forecast for 2016, the year of the Red Fire Monkey. 2016 Horoscope for people born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

Throughout 2016, the representatives of Sagittarius will have only one reliable ally, Jupiter.

It is difficult to wish for a stronger assistant, after all, this warlike planet controls the lion's share of the energy flows, which one way or another are related to the life of each Sagittarius. But the fact remains that in 2016 Jupiter will be the sole object of the solar system that will preserve its loyalty to the representatives of your zodiac sign. The remaining planets and satellites will be either neutral or aggressively-tuned, as will be the case with Venus. That is why the entire year will look quite ambivalent for Sagittarius. On the one hand, there will certainly be people who you'll be able to rely on, which will lead you to the timely and positive completion of many of your current projects. On the other hand, there will be a lot of astronomical fields and streams, which will strive, by all means, to prevent you from carrying out your plans. As always, your allies are versus your enemies. The situation is ambiguous, and, therefore, extremely complex, requiring thorough analysis and consideration. In 2016, the success of any business will depend on how deep, fast, and, most importantly, accurately you will be able to penetrate into the essence of events and phenomena that hinder your "further development".

General Anticipated Periods for the Horoscope for Sagittarius in 2016

At the beginning of 2016, from January to June, you'll be in a state of a kind of long jump. That is, there'll be a will and a desire as well as opportunity, but intuitively you will understand that the longer you "wait", the more spectacular the result will be. Figuratively speaking, it will take you up to six months to build a runway, wide and long enough for a Boeing passenger jet. It's evident that the longer the runway is, the easier it is to take off without any problems. The main thing is to be careful, as you are not alone in your endeavors. Jupiter will help you in critical situations, but not all of your problems will be critical, though many of them may be life-changing. Therefore, you'll have to fight for "a better place under the sun". If you run your own business, don't even think about backing up. No matter how strong your enemies may seem, no matter how brutal and intricate their schemes are, don't give up and stay ahead of them! Even if at some point you fail and lose one of your pillars, stay focused, regroup and try to recover as quickly as possible. You are a solid foundation, which is far from clay, so it will be stupid not to resort to your power and potential.

In terms of personal relationships, things will be a bit more curious. Your "second half" will fall under the influence of not the most positive trends. It is difficult to predict whether it will be a jealous friend or someone else's direct negative impact. It doesn't make a big difference. In reality, what really makes a difference is the fact that you'll be able to resolve the situation only with the involvement of external powers. This can be your best friend, a close relative or a casual acquaintance (well, it happens!). You will only need a push, a fleeting impulse, which, figuratively speaking, will stimulate your thinking and will allow you to draw the correct conclusion in no time. So don't run away from help, especially if its sincere!

Starting from late June to mid-October of 2016, Venus will dominate the "love life" of Sagittarius, which means nothing good, although you don't need to do much to avoid a total failure. If an opportunity to go on vacation presents itself, do so. However, make sure that you and your significant other go to different locations this time. You wonder why? Only think about all this holiday romance! Are you afraid of "holiday affairs?" This is a range of issues that won't give both of you peace of mind. As soon as the last drop of doubt in your "second half" is gone, your family life will significantly improve. If doubts remain even after a series of "serious conversations", then this is a serious enough reason to reconsider your relationships. However, you won't have enough time for thinking in this direction, because your work will also require a lot of attention from you. Focus on what you aspired to achieve at the beginning of your career. Analyze and estimate how much your goals and objectives have changed over time under the influence of a variety of circumstances.

This will give you a clue as to what is really important, and what is superficial, with no crucial value. Also, according to the horoscope of Sagittarius for 2016, Jupiter will not be able to replenish your reserves of vital energy, but it will give you time to collect the required amount of resources. Therefore, use every free moment wisely.

They say that love lasts three years. At the end of 2016 Sagittarius will have a great chance to either confirm or refute this popular statement of Beigbeder. If you are single, then the result of this issue will keep you waiting for a long time. If you have already been in relationship with someone (not necessarily for three years), the end of the fall and winter will be a real ordeal for you.

Don't despair and don't even think of stressing yourself over it. This is the time when in order to achieve the desired results its not only enough but even necessary to just go with the flow. If only things always were so easy: you want a white Mercedes, so here it is! But it's been a while since you stopped believing in fairy tales and, one must admit, you do the right thing. Nevertheless, all the problems in your "love life" will be resolved on their own at the end of 2016, without unnecessary troubles and concerns. Another significant aspect of the current period lies in the fact that you may have to betray some of your principles. Don't get mad! No one is fond of such things and especially Sagittarius, known for the allegiance to their beliefs. This is probably not the most optimistic final tune, but rather its philosophical; anyway, this is exactly how the year of 2016 will end, with fairly puzzling though, in general, quite positive, feelings.

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