2016 Love Horoscope for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

2016 Love Horoscope Sagittarius

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2016 for the year of the Red Fire Monkey

As far as Sagittarius are concerned, one can definitely say that in terms of feelings, 2016 will not be so surprising for the representatives of this zodiac sign. Many events will be logical endings of your past mistakes, or, vice versa, your victories. From the perspective of love, Sagittarius' destiny will be defined by the following triangle: Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon. Unfortunately, the central element of this system, Venus, will not be on your side. However, this doesn't imply some sort of negative large-scale perturbations that you may encounter in 2016. This time will not be easy, that's true, but not necessarily too negative either; it will be a grey area. Probably, you'll have to pay more attention to yourself and your "second half." If you don't have one, then everything will turn out to be twice as hard, because you will have no one with whom to share your static energy level. This trend will hold throughout the whole year with minor modifications.

For example, from January to the end of July, all current situations will be gradually, as they say, escalated. In other spheres of your life, everything will go well, so you may not notice the threats emerging in your personal life. Be careful! Problems are similar to bandar-logs, especially strong when in a pack, so you should not allow them to unite. Otherwise, you may not have enough strength to resolve all urgent tasks in the allotted time. If you act sensibly and strategically, then don't worry, you will succeed. Of course, love cannot be calculated, its root can't be derived and it can't be folded into logarithms, but this doesn't suggest that logic is the odd subject here. If your sweetheart pledges their eternal love to you and in the evening make out with your neighbor in the elevator, then you are bound to doubt the sincerity of their words. So do not forget to question them, even when you don't want to, for example, in bed.

From the first decade of June to the middle of October, the influence of Venus (which, as we know, is set with extreme negativity against Sagittarius) will skyrocket, reaching its apotheosis. This means that there's no way to avoid a "serious conversation". Therefore, do not hesitate; it makes no sense to hide, trying to buy time. If you have something to say to your significant other, go for it, set an example, and you will be surprised at how relieved and free you'll feel. Do not worry if your relationship collapses in a flash. If a house has no foundation, then no matter how beautiful it is, its fall is just a matter of time. Everything will go the way it should, especially because at the end of the year, your "heart wounds" will heal, with the help of new acquaintances, who are very cute and extremely charming.

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