2016 Good & Bad days Horoscope for Virgo Zodiac Sign

2016 Good & Bad days Horoscope Virgo

Virgo Good & Bad days Horoscope 2016 for the year of the Red Fire Monkey

In January Virgos are unlikely to encounter situations in which he or she will have to pay special attention. They should behave a little more carefully in the last decade of the month, especially on the 28th.

In February you should focus on work, because from the 18th to the 26th, this direction offers significant achievements which can both strengthen and develop later on.

In March 2016, those the zodiac sign Virgo will keep receiving benefits at work. On the 12th and 26th you will have to work especially hard to ensure that you don't fall with your face in the dirt. The result of your efforts, however, will bring indescribable delights to both you and your surroundings.

In April 2016, the 14th, 17th, and 27th are especially important dates. On these days it is not necessary to count on good luck. Counting on your own efforts (especially in terms of dealing with family problems) will bring the most productive outcome.

In May 2016, only one date should be mentioned: the 11th. This day will be particularly significant in terms of personal relationships. Perhaps you will awake with a powerful and sincere feeling, or perhaps you will learn that your desires towards the one you have your eye on are mutual.

In June 2016, Virgos will face a situation which is better to avoid altogether. This will happen on the 22nd. On this day you should fly below the radar, as they say, otherwise you will face a problem at this stage that you simply will not be able to solve. Even the most reliable allies will not help you, as you won't work to their advantage.

In July there are no particularly important dates. However, in general we are talking about a productive month, which will be especially successful on the "love front".

In August Virgo needs to pay attention to the numbers 5 and 18, and on the third week of the month. These dates will not be very successful, so it is better not to plan anything. The last decade of the month, however, will be very productive, especially in terms of your career.

In September you will be able to implement your plans to the full. Focus on the immediate task and make sure that the peak of its implementation falls on the 18th to 20th. In this case you will not only be able to achieve the goal, but you will even exceed the plan.

In October 2016, Virgo will receive a special "bonus" when it comes to love, though a lot will depend on how well you will be able to suppress any selfish tendencies. Important dates are the 14th, 16th, and 30th.

In November 2016, pay attention to the first decade of the month, the 14th and 29th. These temporary stages will be successful enough, but do not demand too much from them. If something does not work, it means that you did not think of everything, and it's your own fault.

In December 2016, you are likely to encounter a series of events that will have an immediate impact on your life. The first 10 days will pass quietly, but from the 11th to the 14th you will experience several situations in which your quick thinking and high moral principles will be required.

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