Virgo Horoscope for April 2016

April 2016 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for April 2016

Monthly April 2016 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly April 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign of the traditional celestial system, in April of 2016 will, unfortunately, go through the so-called black stripe, which is very likely to last for a whole month without any hint of positive changes. But you must understand that we are not talking about a total failure and permanent setbacks that will haunt you throughout the current phase. You will be required to display a lot of effort and vitality while addressing this or another issue; you will constantly have to deal with adverse circumstances; you will have to defend your point of view and to prove it to others, and not even for a moment lose your vigilance so that you keep your so hard-won positions unscathed. What a fun situation to find yourself in! But there are no unsolvable problems, so don't even think about giving up, especially in advance. The current state of things will develop in the first place because Mercury, your ruler and current exaltation planet, will radically change the modality of its emanations, and will stop being your faithful ally. The "heavenly trader" will be accompanied by Venus, which is responsible for the "fall" of your sign. But in the case of the celestial priestess things will take a quite interesting turn, though you'll find out more about it later. Now it is important to acknowledge that despite the complexity of the upcoming phase of your life, you have every chance of going through it with dignity; either with minimal losses (figuratively speaking), or with none at all.

In terms of your work and finances, mobilize your resources starting from the very first days of April. This is highly vital, as it will allow you to face adverse circumstances "fully armed", and the first battle will unequivocally bring about your first victory. It is fundamental not to miss these crucial moments when there is still hope to tip the scales in your favor. However, it will be very hard for you to do this because in the current stage the majority of, let's say, life-changing situations will occur out of your reach. And in order to always stay tuned to these events, you will need to enlist the support of people in your surroundings, if not all of them but at least the majority. This should be done as quickly as possible, before the end of the first decade of the month. Do not worry if something doesn't turn out well; put this project aside and move on to another one. You won't have time now for going through the same problem again and again, so if an issue seems unsolvable at the moment, it makes sense to make a step forward rather than standing still. Your relationship with management is worthy of special mentioning. If you don't fall into this managerial category, it is better for you to keep your mouth shut. It doesn't mean that you need to agree with everything they say, even with the craziest ideas, but it will do you good if you hide your initiative for some time; the deeper, the better.

As far as your "love life" is concerned, in April of 2016 some major changes will be awaiting the zodiac sign Virgo. The influence of Venus will not be the most constructive, but in reality such a situation will have its advantages. The main plus is that your current relationships will lose their superficial, petty, illusory, and insincere vibes. It can certainly be a shock for you and for your "significant other" but don't turn a blind eye towards this finding, even if the truth is painful. Finally decide what you want and make a choice. Maybe you should have put an end to your relationship a long time ago, or maybe you do have the right for a second chance. Seriously think it over and don't put off making a decision until the end of the month, otherwise, you won't be able to influence it and it will be much worse than if you had made a mistake.

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