Virgo Horoscope for December 2016

December 2016 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for December 2016

Monthly December 2016 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly December 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

For zodiac sign Virgo, December of 2016 can be an extremely successful time, but in this case not all will depend on you personally. You must take into account the fact that Mercury, which serves as both the heavenly leader and exaltation of your sign, during the current stage will be repeatedly strengthened by combinations with other celestial objects of the Solar system. In addition, Venus, in its usual position responsible for the "fall" of your sign, will suddenly change the modality of its emanations, which are if not unequivocally positive, then at least neutral. At the same time, in December you will have to try really hard, especially in your sensory-emotional sphere, although many rather ambiguous situations will touch upon your working direction, which is natural given the fact that your main patron will be Mercury, which is rightly called the main heavenly "huckster" or if you want to be more respectful, the lord of the earth and celestial trade routes. In very general terms, at this stage, you will repeatedly have to overcome yourself; overcome the unreal desire to give up. But even a series of setbacks is not a reason to get frustrated enough to give up your goals. On the other hand, when you stumble on the same obstacle for the tenth time in a row, it should definitely bring you to certain conclusions.

Speaking about the working direction, it should be noted that in December of 2016, Virgos will be more prepared, meaning a lot of things that are used for this or other reasons, will not be available to you (or to which you are simply afraid to even "touch"). The motivator will probably be your competitors, and perhaps your friends. But it is important that it was just about a motivator, not envy, which, though sometimes pushes people to the most amazing things, is inherently destructive. Do not try to keep pace everywhere. Despite terrible reserves of vital energy and the incredible, tireless dynamics of your current environment, you're left by yourself. In addition, no circumstances will rule out one simple fact: there's no way you will be able to kill two birds with one stone, regardless of the star alignment. Of course, in your case we can talk about four, six, ten... any number of "birds", everyone has their limits. It is important that you see these frame and know how to use them correctly; we have to focus on them, moving in a given direction. Because "beacons" are required for any ship, be it a speedy pirate frigate or the slow cargo ship.

Concerning the sphere of personal relationships, in December of 2016 you will have all the opportunities to achieve the desired results. Some of you will have rather mundane targets and goals, to say it rougher, purely carnal; nevertheless, this does not negate the high probability of success. Another question is what you are going to do with this success, because the outcome in any case is highly dependent on the motivation. Of course, we don't think about it often, but isn't the end of the year reason enough to think about the future? In assessing our achievements, we subconsciously cling to visualize our perspectives, which is logical. Now the best approach would be to treat life philosophically. In relations that involve passion, try to have as little conflict as possible. If the initiative is not in your hands, everything will actually become easier: you just need to step back and provide your vis-a-vis with a possibility to "steer" the relationship. You both will be very interested in seeing the results of this experiment. But what is more important, you will both learn a lot.

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