2016 Health Horoscope for Virgo Zodiac Sign

2016 Health Horoscope Virgo

Virgo Health Horoscope 2016 for the year of the Red Fire Monkey

The upcoming year might seem not the easiest one for the representatives of this zodiac sign. However, everything will fit in perfectly well, starting from the very beginning of 2016. January will get you piled up with a bunch of most diverse tasks. Don't run away from them, get your hands on every single one of them. Dynamics and restless work are extremely important for your health at this point. Even if you feel slightly worse, don't you even think of quitting. A mild cold along with depression is not a reason to quit your job, especially if it makes you happy. Try to lower your pace, just a little bit, so that it won't affect your health. You will start feeling better a lot faster and at the same time, you won't miss out important steps requiring your personal handling.

The middle of the year, around April-July period, will slightly change your perspective of how a truly healthy person should look and feel. Perhaps, you will go a bit off the hooks. You will finally start paying your health the necessary attention, but it doesn't mean that you will become a regular at local polyclinics. You will feel a great longing for self-improvement, concerning, perhaps, not only the physical aspect, but at the moment we are not focusing on other aspects. This is not the time to close out this urge; instead, you need to follow it. Join the gym, enroll in a yoga class, start running in the mornings, or better yet, in the evenings. On the whole, no extra effort is needed, you can start with simple morning exercises, especially if you have never (or "for quite a while", which is the same as "never" in this case) done those. This will make you feel far better, increase your defensive mechanism against viruses and raise your labour productivity. Actually, you can stick to your regular routine, but you should be prepared to spend a lot on medication, since your immune system will get quite upset in that case.

The end of a warm season will be marked by a transition to a more stable, in this case final stage. Up until the end of the year you won't need to make any extra effort; it will be a great plus if you do not quit with your activities that you have picked up during summer. This is crucial, since autumn will take down your defensive mechanisms. Vitamin deficiency is not in question here; the thing is that Mercury will suddenly change the polarity of its impact and in combination with other celestial bodies will cast the least positive light on your health. Of course, Mercury is not the one to blame, but the fact is that this will be the riskiest period of time for you; meaning that the risk of getting various diseases will increase. And in this case quite serious diseases are in question; it's not about a trivial cold. So, stay on the lookout, and think twice before you plunge into the October river to get a volleyball after some of your picnic friends accidentally threw it there.

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