Virgo Horoscope for July 2016

July 2016 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for July 2016

Monthly July 2016 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly July 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

Virgo, the representative of the mutable cross of the earth trine, in July of 2016 will go through a peaceful and harmonious stage of life, devoid of any fundamental and really important events. This means that you shouldn't take too close to heart the negative events that are happening to you, because they are likely to prove to be different from what you've imagined. As they say in such cases, fear has big eyes. Happiness, one must admit, has ones (meaning, eyes) that are not smaller. Your main patron now will be Mercury, at the same time acting as a ruler and exaltation of your zodiac sign. The influence of this celestial object is unlikely to be decisive, but you can still count on some bonuses, especially when it comes to the working sphere. In the area of your personal feelings and relationships, you'll have to try a little harder to avoid dilemmas and ambiguities, because Venus, responsible for the "fall" of the sign Virgo, will appear to be quite strong and more importantly, unpredictable. In fact, it suggests that at some points the harmony of this stage may be impaired, and quite often your immediate environment should be blamed for that.

In terms of the financial and business sphere, July of 2016 will turn out to be calm and consistent for Virgos. Earlier this month, you'll clearly identify the key strategy of your development and will keep sticking to it the whole month so that at the sunset of the third decade you can reach the desired finale. Everything seems to be pretty simple. In reality, it won't be more difficult, but you should take into account some nuances, the main of which will be a rather peculiar attitude of others to you, namely, your management and colleagues. Do not be too surprised by strange remarks and no less strange actions. No one will directly put pressure on you or try to prevent you from the implementation of your plans, but you'll easily be able to recognize and solve all ongoing backroom intrigues. You're unlikely to be the subject of these intrigues, so which step to take next is up to you, and you are totally free in your choice. You can attempt to uncover the "evil plans" of your colleague-buddies, and it will make them think twice and maybe next time, when the situation touches you personally, they will be smarter, more covert and subtle. In general, these artful and crafty undertakings and "terrible secrets" are not inherent to Virgos, but usually representatives of this sign easily accept such situations, if they pose no danger for them personally.

Your "love life" in July of 2016 will turn out to be a little more interesting than the working direction. Here you will also feel quite relaxed and harmonious, but some most unexpected situations can happen with your significant other. That is, not personally with him or her, but between the two of you, though on their initiative. Do not be angry with your soulmate, if they suddenly start to "make no sense" and try (does not matter whether on purpose or not) to heat up the conflict rather than resolve it. Now they clearly cannot think straight and your task is to explain this to them using your toes, or your geometrical knowledge, or an example with integrals, whatever method suits you best. In this case, the result is much more important than the process, because if you don't work things out by the end of the first decade, you'll find yourself in a rather difficult emotional state at the end of the month and will be doomed to fail at achieving your goals. Therefore, you'll have to try a little bit harder, although no superhuman powers will be required from you. Most importantly, bear in mind that each person is very unique. Hence, this is the root of all our problems. Not only interpersonal.

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