2016 Love Horoscope for Cancer Zodiac Sign

2016 Love Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Love Horoscope 2016 for the year of the Red Fire Monkey

Crabs, the symbol of Cancers, are amazing creatures. Perhaps there must have been a reason for calling them scarabs in ancient Egypt. In 2016, many Cancers, like the legendary Phoenix, will have to relive an epic fall and no less epic rise. This will be brought about by the combination of the impact of such celestial bodies in the solar system as the Moon and Jupiter. Venus might join the company, though unlikely, so let's not dwell on it here. The important thing is that in terms of the sensory-emotional sphere, the life of Cancers in 2016 will be surprisingly vibrant, diverse, and filled with all sorts of situations, both amusing and not so amusing.

The first half of 2016, up to the sunset of the third decade of July, will be truly unique. Your temperament, your emotional strength, your charisma, all of these indicators will be, figuratively speaking, off-scale. If you are single, it is unlikely that this will cause some kind of "family" issues. You'll definitely have to go through a lot, but no doubt there will be fun along the way. If we are talking about a Cancer man, they'll be able to do literally anything; there will not be barriers or unattainable goals, including in terms of sexual partners. To indulge in it or not is a philosophical question, but the kind of question that is definitely meaningful is the question of whether or not it is worth it. You can make out with the mayor's daughter, of course, but you are well aware that in a month or two you'll get tired of her. And you were kind of planning to set up a business in the city... It is not the best layout for you, so you'll have to think twice before "activating your love buttons". If you are a female Cancer, then congratulations; you have just won the jackpot. You'll be surrounded by a crowd of admirers and it will work out especially well if you are alone. But it's not a laughing matter for the married ones, as your marriage might not stand the test. You will be really close to the danger zone and will have to try your best not to go beyond what is permitted.

Starting from August 2016 to early 2017, the situation will gradually but radically change. Your energy flows will level off, and you won't attract the opposite sex as wild honey attracts a young bear. In fact, the fall in 2016 for Cancers is the ideal time for beginning a new relationship. It would be nice to plan a wedding for the beginning of winter, if these were initially your plans. Such a marriage will definitely be strong and long-lasting. Of course, the love horoscope for 2016 gives you no guarantees, but a lot will depend on you after all; but be sure the stars will do their job without fail. There will be no difference to which sex you belong. And throughout the entire second half of the year, you definitely will be able to correct your mistakes, including making out with the mayor's daughter (mentioned earlier in the article). You will be able to rise like a phoenix; the main thing is to select the right time, one that is proportionate to your desires. Overall, this will be a good time and it will teach you a lot. Particularly relevant will be the saying about the two birds, though, if you think about it, and estimate the odds, it turns out that you can kill both. But is it worth it?

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