July 2016 horoscope for Cancer

July 2016 Cancer monthly horoscope
Bright and cheerful Cancers in July of 2016 will definitely get a couple of "bumps and bruises", but only for educational purposes. The fact is that at the heat peak of the summer season, your current ruler, the Moon, will be repeatedly reinforced due to its planetary position and combinations with other celestial bodies of the solar system. This means that any external negative impacts will be minimized to such a degree that youíll practically have nothing to fear. Of course, there is still some probability of the occurrence of situations that will require really significant vitality and efforts from you, but the finale of the month will invariably be in your favor and youíll acquire a truly priceless experience. In this regard, this idea is more about your sensory-emotional sphere, so all the working moments should be low on the list of your priorities. If this doesnít happen on its own, it will be wise of you to do so. Try to be unbiased. Your most powerful foe, Saturn, in its normal position responsible for the "expulsion" of the sign Cancer, will try to "stir the waters" which will prevent you from receiving adequate information. This will be enough to make you stumble, make a mistake and go off your set track. So despite your total success, be careful and donít lose your vigilance.

Regarding the working sphere, itís worth noting that in July of 2016 representatives of the sign Cancer wonít go through any really important and large-scale events. Do not doubt yourself, even if at the beginning of the month something goes wrong. You're doing everything right, thatís why the outcome will be in any case fair or at least logical if you still make a mistake. In general, try to spend as much time as possible communicating with your colleagues and business partners, regardless of your status and position. This is especially true about the Cancers who hold leadership positions. Youíll have to seriously reconsider "the policy of your party", otherwise you risk being "left with nothing" at the end of the month. The stars predict success for you, but only if you act honestly. The current stage will be particularly cruel and it will teach those people a lesson (to be more straightforward, punish) who have already forgotten the rules of fair play. If hypocrisy and deception are the main tools in pursuit of your goals, then at the end of July you will come across a situation that you donít even want, as they say, to happen to your worst enemy. But thereíll be nothing you can do about it as the karmic aspects of human existence are higher than astronomical one. In general, as they say, itís too late to give up smoking when youíre unlucky enough to have lung cancer.

The "love life" in July of 2016 will bring Cancers a lot of really interesting things, and what is as important, a whole bunch of new emotions! However, it would be wrong to plan a vacation for this month, even a short one, be it a break or timeout. It would be better to try to achieve as much as possible in already established directions, because the star constellations suggest that if you sincerely crave for getting the attention of a person who you have feelings for, then now it's the right time to go on the offensive. And don't get discouraged if at first you don't succeed. Everything will be amusing and constructive, don't worry. Ultimately, you can come to such a culmination that you haven't dreamed of. In relationships with your loved ones, try to be as neutral as possible; don't get involved in any conflicts, even if someone purposefully tries to draw you into them. Be vigilant and do not lose your own point of view that could easily be crushed by the avalanche of third-party opinions. Be especially considerate and kind to your friends; now they'll need you more than ever and your help is very likely to become vital for them.


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