Cancer Horoscope for February 2016

February 2016 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for February 2016

Monthly February 2016 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly February 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

For Cancers, the leading representative of the water trine, February of 2016 will be an unstable time, but with a definitely positive coloration (most of the time). The fact is that Mars will now be particularly strong. As this object is responsible for the "fall" of Cancers in its usual position, then, taking into account the extremely negative attitude of the Red Planet, it's logical to assume that its impact will be exceptionally powerful. However, the Moon, which has conventionally played the role of a planet-ruler (in this case, not being a planet in the full sense) of the zodiacal sign of Cancer, will also receive rather strong support from some astronomical combinations. As a result, much of the negativity of Mars will be reflected, but not enough to completely forget about its presence. Alas, the water signs will not have a "heavenly leader" this month, but Jupiter, the exaltation planet of Cancer, will try to provide its wards with all possible support, in spite of the fact that the emanations of this celestial object at the current stage will not be as high. As a result, all spheres of the lives of Cancers will be exposed to some adverse effects on the part of Mars. At the same time, the Red Warrior is highly unlikely to cooperate with Pluto or Jupiter, so Cancers will have enough strength to effectively counter any adversity.

Regarding the area of entrepreneurship and business, in February of 2016 the zodiac sign of Cancer will find itself in a rather complicated situation, especially for those who work for themselves. It's probable that throughout the first decade of the month you will feel everything falling out of your hands, and you may well lose any hope of a favorable outcome for the project you're working on at the moment. However, under no circumstances fall for such tendencies! By the beginning of the second decade you will suddenly discover new capabilities and, although it will be really hard to rise to the previous level, any problem will seem solvable. Your priority at the moment is to pull yourself together and stay away from the merciless blues. You should constantly work, keeping your hands and mind busy. It will be slightly easier for those who aren't self-employed, as there won't be any excessive brain activity required from them; all decisions have already been made, you only need to implement them. As a result, if you try to do your best, relying on your new talents, by the end of the month you'll be able to significantly improve your career prospects, and as a consequence, your financial situation.

In terms of "love life", Cancers in February of 2016 will hardly experience the need for any special support from the celestial objects in the solar system. Starting from the first days of the month you'll be able to clearly see all your current problems. And this will work to your advantage. The bad news is that you'll unconsciously begin to accurately identify the problems of others, without considering whether people want to be reminded of them. True, that's not easy, so that's why sciences such as psychology exist. Try to take it easy and stay calm, even if you are overwhelmed with emotions. This certainly applies only to those moments when you are outside your home. After all, emotions are a powerful energy and if duly handled, can be easily redirected (negatively as well). Don't give your enemies a weapon as effective as this; learn to control your feelings. However, neither doing yoga nor meditation is likely to help you. Your primary weapon is your will and your powerful and analytical thinking, which are given to every Cancer at birth (even if you personally do not recognize it).

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Worse month ever already begun as of the 31st. Year 2016 not any better it's worse . Lord please help me my family depends on me!
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