Cancer Horoscope for August 2016

August 2016 Horoscope Cancer

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer for August 2016

Monthly August 2016 Horoscope for Cancer
Monthly August 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Cancer

People born under the sign of Cancer, in August of 2016 will continue their triumphant march on the road to ... yes, actually on any road that pleases you most! The thing is that the Moon, the planet-ruler of your sign, will also play the role of "the heavenly leader" of the water trine, and due to its planetary position will be able to single-handedly "deal" with all your enemies. Even Mars, for example, despite its traditional status of a planet responsible for the "fall" of Cancers, will disguise its former intentions and turn to your side. So only Saturn, responsible for the "expulsion" of your sign, will stand alone among all the current antagonists. At the same time, your "warrior buddy", Jupiter, will keep playing the role of your exaltation and won't stay on the sidelines; it will generously provide you with powerful waves of life-giving energy. In general, you'll feel no lack of either capabilities or resources. You might ask what about your desires? This is a more subtle and interesting question that may seem rather challenging for some Cancers. After all, it's easier to choose one road out of two than out of ten, isn't it? The main thing is not to doubt your own ability, because your indecision and uncertainty can ruin even the most perfect opportunity in a jiffy.

One way or another, the working direction in August of 2016 will certainly amaze Cancers. Or it will be Cancers that amaze their working environment. To be more exact, their colleagues, partners, management (whatever applies to you the most). The thing is that the current astronomical support will assist you in working out solutions to any urgent problem; what's more, you can count on a truly enormous increase in your performance, with everything it entails. Did you plan on implementing two projects? You'll manage to implement five! This will happen even if you don't try especially hard, so don't load yourself with too much work, otherwise some people might think that you're trying to "show off". And believe the stars, you don't want to get involved into a long explanation about the odds being in your favor and that your success has nothing to do with your desire to stand out. If you work for yourself, try to focus on those tasks that are somehow connected with the "foreign policy" of your company. We are talking about deals and transactions you maybe did not even plan on fulfilling. Nevertheless, it would be nice to expand your business, as now is a good time for at least laying a decent foundation. So do what you need to and do it easily, consistently, without straining yourself. Don't pay attention to scowling and envy of your detractors, because their scowls are the only threat they have in their arsenal.

With regard to the sensory and emotional area, Cancers who are single will receive special benefits in August of 2016. Although it's really hard to say whether this will be an advantage. The fact is that now your need for attention from the opposite sex will be satisfied to the fullest. You can "be involved in" two or even three affairs at the same time. Another question is whether or not that's what you need. Of course, Cancers who already got hold of an "App" called "significant other" won't have to deal with these issues. However... people are different, but we are perfectly aware that the stars don't give "a high rating" to infidelity! The final decision is up to you, whether to seek "your only one", or to be content in such cases with the traditional substitution of quality with quantity. In relationships with your friends and family you will reach absolute harmony, so feel free to implement any plans that enter your head. An ideal option now is camping, the further from the hateful hustle and bustle, the better. Now you'll be able to succeed in almost everything, and your full synchronization of mind and body will contribute to the dynamic development in all areas.

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