2016 Health Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2016 Health Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Health Horoscope 2016 for the year of the Red Fire Monkey

The overall energy level in 2016 will undoubtedly cast a positive effect on Gemini. The increasing dynamic influence of Mercury is expected, which will stand out as a strong supporter of health aspect for the representatives of this zodiac sign. It means that throughout 2016 Gemini will get no chance of exacerbation of chronic diseases if there are any. It concerns all types of diseases. You cannot but agree that it is a significant bonus, but unfortunately, this is where the salutary influence of Mercury stops taking its effect. 2016 predicts that Gemini will be one of the few zodiac signs that are not expected to receive a work injury. Such a striving will be absolutely defining in the first half of the upcoming year for most of the people born under this sign.

Upon digging deeper, the upcoming year warns Gemini to stay on the lookout for diseases related to personal life, especially during the winter-spring period. Yes, various infections, which are usually directed to gorgeous and majestic celestial priestess - Venus - are in question. To avoid receiving a wonderfully blooming STD, all you need to do is to be careful. Perhaps, a lecture on intimate safety rules is quite unnecessary. Nonetheless, one should keep in mind this fact; it especially concerns the fair sex, since at the moment they are more vulnerable to diseases of this kind. Otherwise, no significant outbursts are expected up until the beginning of summer.

The time period between the very beginning of June until the blooming mid-Autumn of 2016 might be marked by a rise of short-term depressions among Gemini. In fact, their emotional disturbance might be quite reasonable and for a few days they might go...no, not on a drinking binge, but go deep inside themselves, which in the end is not the worst solution in this case. Long-term depressions will turn out to be quite out of place, especially by the end of autumn, when the failing immune system of Gemini will be downright weakened. It's hard to say what will be the cause of this "malfunctioning"; the important thing is to keep up your emotional security, especially during the transition period between summer and autumn. Emotional and inner peace will literally secure your physical health. If you are going to worry about the whole world, you will simply start falling apart without any visible reason. Be careful, don't start feeling sorry for yourself, because life is dynamic, it's all about going straight ahead and being active. The brighter and faster your life is, the less likely you are to win a prize in a form of a nasty disease.

Late autumn predicts a great lift of your spirits; emotional and inner peace will take a turn for the better; and, as a result your physical condition indicators will be off the charts. You can put aside all fears related to viruses; however, reasonable precautions should be at hand, meaning that running barefoot on a snowy day for a while is a nice way to harden yourself, but staying in a room packed with unhealthy people is definitely not the greatest idea.

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