Gemini Horoscope for July 2016

July 2016 Horoscope Gemini

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for July 2016

Monthly July 2016 Horoscope for Gemini
Monthly July 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Gemini

The zodiac sign Gemini, the leading sign of the air trine, in July of 2016 will go through a rather challenging life situation. The fact is that in the summer we usually crave for rest and relaxation and our working pace slows down on its own, although, of course, there are individual aspects that depend on the area of our activity. In general, the summer is less dynamic than any other season of the year. However, in 2016 things will take a completely different turn for Geminis in summer, to be more exact, in July; they will have to significantly increase the dynamics of their livelihood and this applies not only to the working sphere. The complexity of the situation will lie in the fact that Saturn, which in its normal position serves as Geminis' exaltation, will change the modality of its emanations and completely deny you any kind of support. This moment is certainly negative, though not critical, especially if you take into consideration that Venus, in its usual position responsible for the "fall" of Geminis, will turn from your opponent into your ally, fairly strong and undoubtedly reliable. Although the Venusian impact will hardly make up for the lack of the influence coming from Saturn, this type of bonus will in any case be better than its complete absence.

With regard to the working and financial spheres of life for Geminis, in July of 2016 representatives of this zodiac sign will have to face many opponents. If you run your own business, then everything will turn out quite simply and clearly; you will not have problems with identifying your enemies. Try to figure it out as soon as possible and quickly develop a plan of action, though not for an extended period of time and only for a week; a temporary solution is a good start in this case. Then, of course, you will have to come up with something else again. In general, the problems you'll encounter will be far from unsolvable, but this doesn't suggest that you'll "crack" all the dilemmas like nuts. In fact, even if you get distracted for a moment and omit a rather small but exceptionally crucial detail, you'll end up as an outsider. Therefore, don't even think about any corporate parties or any other entertaining events that somehow may reduce the pace of work of your enterprise. If your post does not entail responsibility for such moments, then you'll be only partially accountable for the consequences. Under no circumstances delegate the tasks which are assigned to you to other people. Work decently and, as they say, in full force. That's what will really matter now.

The dynamics of sensory and emotional aspects of life of Geminis in July of 2016 won't be less intense than the events in the working direction. What's more, in some cases this area might require even more effort on your part. At the very least, whatever happens, try to prevent any conflicts from developing in your family. If there is a need to solve a problem, and you realize that the solution will not be as peaceful as you'd like, then try to move this potentially "stormy front" somewhere to the side, away from you and your family. This is highly important because now the energy of your family relationships will be particularly vulnerable, and it's always easier to deal with problems when they're at the embryo stage, without giving them a chance to develop. Pay particular attention to your friends; this month it is very likely that your company (meaning your group of friends, but not your enterprise) will be under threat of a split. Do your best to avoid it, even if all conditions indicate the need for such an outcome. Rise above household trifles; take a fresh look at the situation without prejudices; do so soberly and objectively. It makes sense now to follow your rational conclusions, rather than emotional outbursts.

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