2016 Good & Bad days Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2016 Good & Bad days Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Good & Bad days Horoscope 2016 for the year of the Red Fire Monkey

In January 2016, Geminis need to pay special attention to the following dates: the 4th, 8th, and 12th. These are the days that can be rightfully called fateful for the representatives of this zodiac sign. Do not hesitate to do what is right, even if your actions are in confrontation with the ones of others.

In February 2016, you may want to be careful about the 18th and the 22nd. It is better not to plan any romantic events on these days. And on February 28th you should do your utmost to avoid any manifestation of feelings and emotions whatsoever.

In March 2016, the ideal date for Geminis will be March 13th. On this day, you can plan a wedding or even the birth of the child (if it's possible!). This is a wonderful day that will bring you a lot of positive emotions. The main thing is to focus not only on what satisfies your desires, but also the aspirations of your loved ones.

In April 2016, Gemini need to think about the following dates: the 14th and 20th. On these days your financial situation may be significantly improved, but you'll l have to work tooth and nail.

In May 2016, you will be able to improve the situation that previously seemed hopeless to you. Pay close attention to the time period from May 4th to 12th as this time will be most successful for you.

In June 2016, Geminis will be faced with the challenge of making a serious choice that will largely determine their future. The most significant stage is from June 14th to 17th and it will mostly concern your career aspirations. However, in general, it is a fairly generalized trend which will hold true in any area of your life.

In July 2016, you probably will not be able to resist temptation, and something huge will happen either on July 3rd or 16th. Be careful if you decide to commit fraud; this indecent venture can lead to serious consequences.

In August 2016, you are unlikely to make significant accomplishments at work, but on a personal level you will be able to make progress. In the period from August 24th to 30th, the odds will be in your favor, but control yourself and don't go for every adventurous opportunity.

In September 2016, Geminis can face a hardship that can appear to be a significant problem, and the situation can get out of control if you give it some slack. The most important dates in this month are the 1st, 5th and 19th.

In October 2016, there's likely to be a transition to a fundamentally different level of thinking, but only in certain time periods; from October 4th to 6th and from October 18th to 19th. Stay on target and focused, and you'll succeed in grasping your opportunity.

In November 2016, Geminis will find themselves in many interesting situations, most of which bombard you throughout the period from November 14th to 21st. Be careful and don't bite off more than you can chew.

In December 2016, fate will actually force you to relax. In the period from December 1st to 14th, you won't be able to deal with your business personally, and believe me, it is for the best. Needless to say, changes are possible, but not critical.

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