2016 Aquarius Health Horoscope

2016 health horoscope for aquarius
In 2016 people born under this sign will experience an increased influence of the Sun, the lord of the sky dome. On the one hand, this is solely a positive moment, which guarantees balanced immune system and increased defensive options against various diseases of non-physical origin. At the same time, one cannot but notice a decreased dynamic impact of Mercury, which usually provides Aquarius with life energy and blocks a greater amount of negative effects from the outside. This fact unobtrusively implies that 2016 may bring some health issues to the table of this zodiac signís representatives; diseases related to gastrointestinal tract are in question. Of course, Mercury is not the only one to blame; the combined influence is in question, but thatís not the point. You will need to pay extra attention to what you are eating in 2016.

The first part of 2016, specifically the time period from January up until mid-April, wonít cause any significant troubles. At this time you should just follow basic personal hygiene rules, like washing your hands before meals and answering nature calls regularly. Hygiene is the key to a healthy state at this point, and you should take it quite seriously, because cleanliness (the moderate kind, or itís better to say appropriate), indeed, solves a whole bunch of various issues, which in the end develop in the form of ďunlikeableĒ stool and stomachaches. Thatís why you need to be extra attentive towards yourself; this is all you will need to stay healthy.

Starting from the end of April up until the first half of September, your immune system will be working routinely, so you can lay aside the fears of various epidemics and other dangers, which occur in places crowded with homo sapiens. This time period puts at risk those Aquarius, who have specifically dangerous jobs. At this point the risk of getting an injury, and not specifically a work injury is extremely high, but it will be undoubtedly related to your professional activity. Itís hard to be more precise in this case, thatís why attentiveness is the key once again. And donít forget about the safety rules. So, try to prevent even the slightest mistakes, since they might cost you too much.

At the end of the year, starring from September up until the third decade of December, thereís a risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases, related to digestive organs. And once again the gastrointestinal tract is at the highest risk. This means that you should minimise the chances of eating meals that were not subjected to heat treatment. And, of course, wash all the food you are going to eat! This is all you need to do to lower the risk of falling ill at this point. Fortunately, the whole year of 2016 promises to be quite balanced and harmonious for you.

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