Aquarius Horoscope for September 2016

September 2016 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for September 2016

Monthly September 2016 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly September 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

As well as the entire air trine, Aquarius, the penultimate zodiac sign of the classic (European) zodiac system, in September of 2016, will not have the "heavenly leader", that is an additional astronomical patron. And though this event might seem like not the most positive one, in fact, this situation will disappoint Aquarius, because their lives will be filled with positive impacts from the celestial bodies of the solar system. In the first place it's worth mentioning Saturn, the planet-ruler of your sign, which at the current stage, will be reinforced, and Mercury, the traditional Aquarius' exaltation, which will fully preserve its classical position. At the same time the Sun, which usually plays the role of the planet responsible for the "expulsion" of Aquarius, will side with you. Surprisingly, but this is not a particularly vital moment, because the solar energy will partially "obstruct" the positivity coming from Saturn and Mercury and block all the pretensions of Mars. And if things with the main heavenly warrior turn out well, the situation with Saturn and Mercury will be noticeable and, fortunately, only lead to some soap opera instead of total negativity.

Speaking in more detail about the scope of work, it is worth noting that in September of 2016 Aquarius will have to, as they say, fight for a better place under the sun. Although you won't be required to show exceptional efforts, the stars recommend that you remain vigilant and closely follow the vector defined by your feelings. Now your intuition should be your main leader, and your reason can take a break. In fact, if you feel, literally in the air, that one of your colleagues is set openly against you, despite the fact that there are no external manifestations to prove it, you should trust your gut. Take all the necessary measures, but, in turn, act covertly and cautiously, without causing too much "noise". If you work for yourself, you can go on a search for the "mole" in your cohort, and even if in the end you do not find anything, you efforts won't be lost in vain, because in any case you'll find a lot of curious things. If we are talking about the Aquarius who aren't self-employed, they need to closely watch their management and act the same way they do. It doesn't mean that you need to kiss their butts, but rather adopt their competent and objectively correct course of actions.

Regarding the "love life", Aquarius are recommended to pay greater attention to their own "gut", the well-known "sixth sense" that (it is believed) still differs from your intuition. Reflect on things that you'd really like to achieve and focus on your desires; act as your heart tells you. Don't get too discouraged if in the first days of the first decade of this month you'll suddenly realize that it's time you broke up with your "significant other". It only implies that it wasn't the right choice for you and this break-up will do you good. But you shouldn't interpret this prediction as a call to action! Each situation is extremely individual and though you should let your emotions guide you, you still need to keep your mind switched on! That is, you don't necessarily need to jump off the roof if your heart tells you to do so. In this case this is more a question of mental illness, which is pretty sad so let's drop this subject. The first month of autumn will allow you to achieve the desired results and fulfill your plans, however, all this will happen only if you manage to stay true to yourself until the very end, the finale of this season.

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