Aquarius Horoscope for December 2016

December 2016 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for December 2016

Monthly December 2016 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly December 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

For those born under the zodiac sign Aquarius, the final month of 2016 will be relatively stable, and, so to speak, a moderately dynamic stage of life. In December, you can summarize all the previous eleven months, or more precisely, the decisions, actions, and accomplishments from this time. All will take place in a rather favorable atmosphere, because Mercury, your planet exaltation, will provide you with the necessary amount of life energy, while Saturn, your ruler, will get an energy "bonus" from Uranus, its astronomical twin which will protect your life from the lion's share of external negativity. At the same time, we cannot say that you have absolutely nothing to fear. Mars, traditionally in charge of the "fall" of Aquarius, will keep all his irrepressible enthusiasm and fervor with you, and will even be strengthened by the Black Moon, which in reality, is still not enough to give him a decisive advantage in the struggle with your happiness. Focus on your own logical conclusions; it will be enough in most cases, but sometimes it is necessary, as they say, "to sweat", especially with regard to the sensory-emotional sphere where the celestial warrior (Mars) will focus its influence.

Regarding the working direction in December of 2016, the stars advise those born under the sign Aquarius to slow down. Now, even the most obvious solutions may in fact prove to be very questionable. Therefore, you should not be too impulsive in reacting to events happening around you, in any case, do not sign documents only because you want everyone to finally leave you alone. Now it is important not to miss any details which greatly complicate your life in the final year. You will wind up with quite a successful life stage, which will probably turn out to be largely fundamental and decisive, not only for you but also for your inner circle. Therefore, it would be foolish to stop your own plans at the last moment. Do not try to get everything all at once; act slowly, and according to your nature. Do not pay too much attention to the views of colleagues and even partners; in a critical situation it is better to be guided by successful competitors, but don't duplicate their solution; build on them in their own reflection. Now the winning strategy will be unique, though not particularly "ideal", but most importantly, it will be original.

But on the "love front", in December of 2016, Aquarius will have to face much more difficult situations, and the main difficulty at the moment will pertain to moments that come about unpredictably and totally spontaneously. Get ready for the fact that you have to act quickly and, as they say, blindfolded. But in any case, you should not forget the main indication of stars state that now it is more productive and more logical to give priority to the mind, not the senses. And no matter how tempting it is to get involved in an affair now (not necessarily in the ‘carnal' sense), you should think twice about the circumstances before stepping on this road. In general, if we are talking about human "impropriety", it's time to focus on your own conscience, because any other measure, in reality, is subjective. Although Aquarius is characterized by clear moral intuitions and harmonious, one might even say "light", reference points in life. Therefore, in most cases, your urgent problems will be caused by not the most auspicious of circumstances, so don't worry, it will soon pass.

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