2016 Libra Health Horoscope

2016 health horoscope for libra
Being a harmonious zodiac sign comprising an archetype of balance, Libra in 2016 will receive a pleasant bonus originating specifically from the balanced personality of people born under this zodiac sign. Of course, celestial bodies will contribute to this a lot, especially the great lamp of heaven, the royal ruler of the sky dome, which is not on quite friendly terms with the Libra sign. But this year the Sun will change its position, and as a result will cause a significantly powerful flow of positive effects. So, the upcoming year promises to be undoubtedly crucial and absolutely full of various bright events. This means that Libra with severe cases are most likely to feel better, and probably to a great surprise of doctors. And this is not about any sort of a miracle, or providence or other metaphysical nonsense. It is about you.

The beginning of 2016 will be marked by a transition to a harmonious and balanced period, which will follow a relatively dynamic phase, that most probably took place at the end of the previous year. At the moment you are unlikely to feel the weight of the great ďeye of FateĒ, so relax a bit. The January-February period will probably grant you with a cold. The illness will acquire quite a severe form, so donít even think of getting back to your job responsibilities at this point. They say hard work never killed anyone, but why take the risk? You can openly tell your boss to go to hell, if he insists that you have to work even if youíre dying, because, for example, you are the only one who can finish up the monthly report. At this point it is crucial for you to stay put. You will easily get this yourself. Of course, you can brush away the voice of reason and continue to work, regardless of everything. But in that case you will have to work really hard, since chronic diseases are incurable, and good medication is quite expensive. If you neglect yourself now, it will get a lot worse later. It will be even worse than getting fired, because you can always find a new job, but itís quite impossible to find a new health.

By the end of spring the situation will balance out and your physical state will get back to normal as well. The pace of your work routine will increase (perhaps, that will be a new job already) and you will be able to broaden the scope of your responsibilities. Starting from this point up until the end of the year, itís crucial to spare some of your life energy, meaning that feeling sympathy and helping your relatives is a good call, of course, even if itís self-defeating to some extent. But desperately trying to help each and everyone, who explicitly or implicitly asks for that, is another story. The thing is that your life energy has its limits. Well, it doesnít have any limits, actually, but you wonít be able to use it to a full extent, you will get tired sooner or later. Thereís no need to share your last penny with the first person you meet. You can change the world for better in many ways, which are not that radical. Sometimes you have to look out for yourself; it especially concerns your health, without which you can hardly help anyone.

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