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Astrology Chart Horoscope

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2016 Through the Eyes of Eastern Sages

According to Eastern astrological tradition the 2016 Chinese New Year would be the Year of the Fire Monkey. It is a number 33 cycle called PING SHEN. Mixture of the fire element and the monkey sign indicates that the coming 2016 year will be rapid & dynamic. Let’s see what will be 2016 like..

2015 through Eastern SAGE sights

Chinese astrology taught us that the 2015 Chinese New Year would be the Year of the Goat. As usual, we contrast what to expect from the new 2015 year with an ordinary characteristic of the animal symbol. However, what will be 2015 like from the point of view of a wise grizzled old man born in the Celestial Empire? Let’s see..

2015 – the IMAGE Symbolism

What the authentic symbol for 2015 Chinese New Year is? Is the 2015 is a Goat, Sheep or Ram year? Let us find out the 2015 image symbol, element and color according to ancient Chinese astrology.

2015 Horoscope links and Forecasts

It seems that the year 2015 will start off with a "lovely" touch for all of us. Of course, all events are dependent on how your specific sign falls into it. Let us see what the 2015 year of Goat (also Sheep or Ram) has in store for you and have fun in 2015!

2014 Year of the Green Horse – Chinese Horoscope

Even if you did not have time to adequately greet the new year 2014, you will still have the ability to do it prior to January 31st, when in reality the 2014 Year of the Green Wooden Horse begins on the Chinese calendar.

Horoscope 2014 Year of Green Horse

The new 2014 year of the Horse is approaching. Is there a new love or fortune in 2014 year for your Zodiac sign? Find out what to expect from the hoof of the 2014 green Horse Year.

Astrology 2013 Year of the Black Snake

The year of the black Snake 2013 is a chance to become well-ordered and organized. In 2013 we must employ the lesson of the tortoise and the hare: slow and steady will win the race.

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