2015 through Eastern SAGE sights

2015 through Eastern SAGE sights

One of the eastern Zodiac key features is based on the fact that Asia’s ancient peoples (in particular — Chinese) proclaimed the primacy of Earth elements interaction over the cosmic perturbations.

2015 Chinese New Year
The 2015 Chinese New Year of the Blue Wooden Goat as it see Eastern sage

In other words, for them always been more important what happens on the ground; and the horoscope drawn up largely based on natural, climatic and in certain extent anthropogenic events occurring on the planet, but not beyond its limits. Of course, the stars influence is also deemed (where we go without them!), but rather less than European tradition. And though today we all seem in it purely metaphysics is actually very important to understand the basis of the system, which has «generated» one or another horoscope. In short, this allows correct use of information obtained through a specific prediction. In particular — the blue wooden Goat (symbol 2015) with its unruly and disobedient image may address us to an open book which reading is not only useful, but also very curious.

So, what 2015 will bring us from the point of view of a wise grizzled old man born in the Celestial Empire endless expanses? First of all we must understand that the Chinese... for them all isn’t as for us! At least, their full zodiac system features five elements; to our traditionally Fire, Water, Earth and Air is added the Metal element. In the simplest interpretation it symbolizes the anthropogenic factor — that is man himself. This is reasonable, because literally В«rippingВ» the man — an inalienable part of the world — from other elements (like the Europeans did originally) is at least silly. In addition, the 12 Chinese zodiac signs correspond to twelve years (not months, as we are used), and "fit" into 4 triangles, each of which symbolizes... and here appears Chinese hieroglyphs … Good luck! Actually, this discourse address to alternative integrated cycles based on whether В«humanВ» features, or natural elements influence, or both together. This subject itself has less importance, so is the up today controversy about its actual meaning. The system works and it's the main thing. Finally, to fully understand the essence of the Chinese zodiac, you have to be Chinese, that´s a fact. And in this case it is desirable to be born around the third millennium BC. Then you will understand everything correctly, without doubt.

The Goat, from the perspective of immense Chinese wisdom, (could also be the Sheep or other ungulates, domesticated by man, that has the same В«personalityВ») is a peculiar creature (who would argue!), emotional, stubborn, sensitive, humane, perhaps indecisive, overly sensitive. However, described characterization does not ensure that 2015 will be endowed with the same properties. It is China, the ancient, where everything is more complicated (whether could be В«simpleВ» a people, who raised a monumental stone wall where it was easier just cut off two mountain passes?). You must understand that we are talking about elements; including Man (Metal) between them, absolutely equated to Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Goat itself refers to Earth element. What is the Earth? It is the ground, the fundamental, the В«life donorВ». In western astrological tradition, there is the В«Mother EarthВ» conception, and in that sense, we are very close to the Chinese (maybe planned economy era cancelled it…?). Returning to 2015 is logical to assume that it will be a relatively quiet time, time to establish some foundations. Though man, as part of Nature and Universe, get not special privileges, he will works equally as all elements —with Fire, Water and others. Of course, people born in the Year of the Goat will have a special bond with this chronological period. But this usually not means that luck will favor them more than other signs representatives. Rather they will be more closely aware to better understand Universe around them, and the processes occurring in it. In fact, these persons (Goats, Sheep ...) receive certain provisions, as would now say, В«BonusesВ». But everything in this world is ruled, is not it? So, those later (in the final stage of the year) will be asked more than others. A man with European mindset immediately asks the classic question: В«Who will judge me? В» That means, who will be duly empowered to question us. For the ancient Chinese sages such issue does not exist. Because it was clear that the man is the same person who seeks. And since he seeks, don´t be a few what he finds.

Overall, 2015 promises to be not only quiet, but also balanced, in every sense of word. Namely, military conflicts will be minimized, and authorities of independent states reach acceptable compromises. Will be completed basic agreements which allow the economies of a whole series of nations to achieve a decent standard. In general — no one remains offended when the other pays attention and puts in his own place; then, as that being said, who first stood up is the one that assume the other's place, because simple human relations nobody has been cancelled. But it is with regard to global issues. Regarding «domestic» order, tendency to control conflicts be preserved, but with its nuances. First, as is not hard to guess, the emotions will spring (in the case of, for example, the Monkey, it would be the reverse). And it's not that bad or good; it is a feature that must be considered. Namely, you and those around you will make many decisions that can be stuck as reckless or not prudent. They are not «bad» or «wrong», but thoughtless, adopted under the influence of emotional, not rational conclusions. Meaning and convenience of such decisions depends on your industry and area of responsibility. Ultimately, you decide, not the stars or the elements. Horoscopes in ancient China were established in order to warn people about the possible consequences of their decisions, to predict the main trends of future time stages. And it was clear to anyone that you change your life by yourself, not by some kind horoscope… even though it was created by the same Jade Dragon!

Anyway, 2015 will be successful for all signs of the Chinese zodiac, although, as has been said, Goat will get some more chances, which regularly leads to greater accountability. This the first place. Second — in the coming year, it is better to listen the voice of heart, not the mind, it will be, as today says, more productive. Third — do not forget that all of us —people in general and each person in particular— have their own «cockroaches» in the head. Goat, as a creature able to vivid express empathy, will seek to solve loving conflicts and, therefore, the mission of each one is completely geared towards those who need their help. This year feelings prevail over reason (in a good manner), and many will find their unique «soul mate». Multiple arrangements will be done —from marriages between people to large-scale agreements between transnational corporations. And here goes very well to remind one less-known statement of Confucius: «It does not matter who you was; no matter whom you become; matter who you are, here and now».


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