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Eastern 2015 horoscope snake
In 2015 those who were born in the year of the Snake must draw a clear line between work and personal life. Think of an office and your home as two absolutely separate planets which abide by completely different rules in order to support life. We all know from Hollywood movies and science fiction that in order to exit into some worlds one needs a space suit; for other worlds a simple first aid kit will be enough and finally some worlds should not be entered unless youíve got a Kalashnikov assault rifle with you. In the year of Wood Sheep (Ram, Goat) youíll have to work on your own survivorís kit for your amorous and professional quests. At work the horoscope advises us to stay as calm and composed as possible. Imagine as if it was not blood, but freeze flowing through your veins; donít take bad luck and foesí intrigues close to heart. We all go through ďhotĒ times; the difference is that someone calls these times a hell and others perceive them as summer heat. Itís up to you to choose which camp to side with. In love life, on the contrary, the Snakes should demonstrate their feelings and emotions more often. In order for you to draw a winning lottery ticket offered by the loversí patron Venus, you will have to work hard in 2015. When it comes to personal relations, stick to this strategy: our ears are meant for listening to compliments; our eyes are for taking in our partnerís beauty and our arms are for embracing our loved ones. The Snakes should proceed to a decisive charge on all the fronts; thus, in 2015 year of the Wooden Sheep they will have to spend much time and money on their physical appearance and self-improvement to be able to win hearts with both good looks and high intellect.

The Snakes who havenít found their other half yet will spend 2015 looking for it which will probably take a long time. Thanks to your innate caution and suspiciousness you wonít jump at the first pretty face you see and you will not be fooled by the first compliment addressed to you. The Snake knows very well that a lot of times bright colours and seductive aroma only signify that a plant is a predator that will leave only horns and hooves after itís done with its prey. No one wants to go through a devastating affair and find themselves on a roadside of life with empty pockets and aching heart; therefore, forming a relationships during this period will prove slow and labour-intensive. Day after day youíll be weaving threads of trust between you and your significant other and not finding it in yourself to confess your newly evolving feelings; and only after convincing yourself that you have met the right person youíll initiate a full offensive. Until then you may be viewed as a good friend, interesting companion, responsive neighbor, but not a suitor or a boyfriend. Itís exactly because of such a behavioral model that many people in the year of Wood Sheep will evolve into lovers from friends. If someone thinks that a phase of courtship and decision-making is far too prolonged, they should think about the following: as a rule, the Snake is a very responsible consistent partner and if it officially proclaimed its relations as love, it will hardly be stretching time before exchanging marital vows and wedding rings. In 2015 there will be many joyful weddings among the Snakes; many couples will be very happy; after all, before uttering passionate words of love at least one of the partners has already thought through every nuances and perspectives of a married life. The important thing for you is to not harm your own happiness with the venom of mistrust to your other half. The Snake is exceptionally possessive; thatís why by witnessing someone trying to claim its lawful prey it will have only one desire Ė to bite through the villainís carotid artery. Try to keep a tight rein on a jealous component of your soul and donít torment your other half with hurtful accusations.

2015 promises to be exceptionally successful for gainfully employed Snakes. The upcoming year is a perfect match for your temperament and life philosophy which will allow you to get maximum results with minimum effort. The 2015 Wood Sheep Year doesnít tolerate worrying and fighting circumstances; you are not accustomed to chasing after a rival and Madame Fortuna, either Ė instead, you prefer lying motionless in the sun waiting for them to get close enough for you to attack them. Things will look up for the careful and farsighted by solidifying their authority and improving their financial position. In the year of the Wooden Sheep the horoscope wants us to stay away from office quarrels and any ďwall on wallĒ fights; after all, such events donít promise anything but bruises and loose teeth. Imagine this: you are sitting in the trenches and the enemy is shelling your positions. You can certainly choose, in hopes of getting a medal, to run toward the enemyís positions shouting ďHurray!Ē and heroically waving a flag, but why? Itís most probable that the madman will not be allowed to get anywhere near the enemy and the heroic status will be awarded to him posthumously. A smart soldier will wait it out in the trenches by choosing to not unnecessarily endanger his life knowing that itís better to face a live foe than be dead. The Snakes will not ask for trouble and if things donít go their way, they will simply wait for a situation to fundamentally change. In 2015 be patient and donít stop your enemies from taking their own foolish steps!

Lisa 2015-12-27 18:29:09
Nov 16 1965
It is hard to be a Scorpio snake. Most get scared off the others... Most want to smash your head in. What good is it to be so wise when no one listens. It's a heavy road.

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Sammantha 2015-02-21 01:37:09
Chinese new year has gone better than expected. Finally got a job and started on Chinese new year. This snake is happy and will take some advice too and be level headed!

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kent 2015-02-20 22:08:11
snake., damn lovelife??? single forevss...

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unrattled_snake 2015-02-19 13:23:17
Many changes underway at work. This snake is going to hunker down in the trenches until the dust settles. No anger, no pain.

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gladz 2015-02-17 13:50:16
Feb. 19, 1989

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Jennifer 2015-02-17 11:30:41
Thanks for your input. SNAKES RULE!

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Dawn 2015-02-16 21:35:08
I love the energy in your writing, thank you and have a great year yourself

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Chris 2015-02-05 08:38:32
Thanks for a very interesting translation about the people born on a year of the snake on thsi current year 2015

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reylani ladra 2014-12-30 12:05:23
nov 29 1977 year of the snake

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