2015 Love Horoscope for Virgo Zodiac Sign

2015 Love Horoscope Virgo

Virgo Love Horoscope 2015 for the year of the Green Wood Ram

The Virgins will not only have an opportunity to find their other half during 2015, but also start a family. However, the main events on the love front will unfold in the second half of the year when Venus moves into the Zodiac of Virgo. Single Virgins especially those who are born in the period of September 5-8 will be lucky to drastically change their life. Even those who have already lost any hope to find their personal happiness will be able to not only find their love during the year of 2015, but also have a baby.

During the period of July 19 and August 1 old feelings may stir up in Virgo's heart and exes from the past may emerge in Virgo's life. During this time single Virgins may restore old relations if they want to feel loved and needed again. However, for married Virgins this will be a period of trials and difficulties since they will be prone to flirting, starting new relations and experiencing new emotions without your partner knowing it. If you cherish your family, you should keep your distance from the opposite sex during this time - this way you'll preserve trust in your relations.

During the period between October 9 and November 8 the Virgins will be able to feel more confident. Attention and compliments will help your inner beauty and harmony blossom. And it is during this time that you'll possess the magic charm: it will attract those who you can start romantic relations with as if it was a flower luring a butterfly.

Married Virgins born any time between August 29 and September 2 as well as from September 6 and September 13 may go through difficult times with their spouses. There will be misunderstanding and non-acceptance between you. You may even feel like doing away with unbearable relations. However, if you take a sober look at your relations you'll see the problems that are in the way of your family harmony. Don't try to change your partner - change yourself. Then you'll see how beneficial this metamorphose is for your family happiness.

Starting with mid-August and up until the end of 2015 when Jupiter moves into the Zodiac of Virgo many of the Virgins will notice an increased attention to your personae from other people; you may feel the necessity to change on the inside and outside. As a result, this will make your romance life much more active; you'll be meeting more new people. In the second half of 2015 many Virgins, both married and single, will have a chance to invite a baby-carrying stork over. If you are dreaming of a child, don't miss the opportunity.

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Comments: 2015 Love Horoscope Virgo

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Renee 2015-10-06 23:03:59
Wow my exes that I cared most about have reemerged in my life
unluckylove 2015-08-04 02:11:10
Shit started in love since july. Dumped straight after the wedding. What now?
PERMAVIRGO 2015-07-07 03:58:07
i have failed miserably and irretrieavably
Hamza 2015-07-06 01:55:10
Can't wait for 19th July. My crush is starting to like me. 😍

Wish me luck guys 😎
:) 2015-04-21 17:46:44
I'll wait till 19 Jully and I'll attack the love of my life. Wish me good luck! I'm pieces by the way ;p
Hipster 2015-02-20 20:13:16
Lol virgos are always happy people, and they're the one who get most of the love and people :p proud to be a virgo

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