Virgo Horoscope for March 2015

March 2015 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for March 2015

Monthly March 2015 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly March 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

For the zodiac sign of Virgo, March 2015 will be a time that is very contrasting. On one side, Mercury - which is both a planet-ruler and a planet-exalt of this sign, will be significantly reinforced due to his general position. Right now the combinations of Mercury and the Moon, as well as of Mercury and Mars will be very positive for the sign of Virgo, with waves of positive energy going far beyond the areas of competency of Mercury itself - the spheres of business and entrepreneurship. This speaks to the fact that people born under the Virgo sign will receive an entire spectrum of unique possibilities, especially those with their own business. On the other side, besides the fact that the situation will have a few important nuances listed below, the treacherous Venus, responsible for the fall of the Virgo sign, will be significantly reinforced. Moreover, Neptune will double in strength and he is traditionally responsible for the expulsion of this sign. Luckily, Venus and Neptune are indirect antagonists, so they will not be able to combine their influences. Nevertheless, both planets will focus on the sphere of personal relationships of the representatives of the Virgo sign, which might have very serious results.

Overall, the sphere of finance and business swill be very positive for Virgo in March 2015. You will be able to complete all of your current projects and begin to realize new ones. Even stale tasks will practically resolve themselves. Towards the birth of the first ten-day period you will feel powerful support on behalf of your celestial patrons. Towards the dawn of the second ten-day period you know exactly what you should do to reach your peak. If you have your own business, then the first spring month will bring you even more possibilities. Your competitors will suddenly fall back, while your partners will let you have the initiative. Everything will be left for resources and optimization. Try to fix the technical aspect of your business as much as possible, you need a safe rearward. You will have no problems with that, just pay attention to your human resources. Negligence should not be allowed and should be seriously punished. Do not be afraid of making harsh decisions, without this ability you will never reach your goal, in addition you will do everything the right way. Even if you do not have your own business and you are a line employee of a relatively small firm, you still have a chance to change your current position. Just be attentive and you will definitely see the way that will lead you to your goal.

The love front will be a total opposite of the work one in March 2015. As a representative of the cardinal cross of the Earth trigon, you were left without a "celestial leader", while the strength of Mercury and Mars will be clearly insufficient to fully contain the negativity of Venus and Neptune. In the end be ready for an end of your relationship. Such a situation may be quite a logical outcome of your past mistakes. So do not rush to blame the celestial bodies for everything, in the end you are the one behind the wheel, while the stars just give advice from the passenger seat. Be as contained as possible and be attentive, do not make rushed decisions and steps. In your relationship with friends do not aim to dominate, give the leadership to someone else, you will not be a good leader or organizer at this moment. Pay attention that maybe you have long suspected that you have an enemy closer than you think. Think about that, as the influence of Venus may perhaps active the aggression of those around you which will play right into your hand.

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