Virgo Horoscope for May 2015

May 2015 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for May 2015

Monthly May 2015 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly May 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

The zodiac sign of Virgo will not achieve any advantages in May 2015, although you should not be afraid of encountering any serious problems either. This situation will happen because most of the powerful celestial combinations will end up being beyond the border of the current existence domain of this sign. Mercury will have a special influence on the sign of Virgo, being both its ruler and exalt. If you consider the fact that this planet will be especially strong in May, you will find it unsurprising that in the sphere of entrepreneurship and business the Virgos will manage to receive certain bonuses. Although you should not forget that Neptune, responsible for the expulsion of this sign, will try its best to ruin the emotional balance of the Virgo. It is hard to say which influence will be defining here, since Mercury will certainly be stronger, but Venus should come to the help of Neptune, being responsible for the fall of this sign and all. As a result, the sphere of feelings and emotions will come under fire, which should fully compensate the positive influence of Mercury in terms of astral energy. It is upsetting, but throughout this month the Virgos will have to live without a "celestial leader" which could have come in handy.

One way or another, but the work direction will not yield the desired result for the Virgos in May 2015. On the contrary, there is a large probability that the representatives of this sign will lose their positions by stepping back a few steps. However, if you collect your strength, then towards the end of the second ten-day period it will be quite possible to return everything to the way it should be. Be attentive, your current strength is not one that crushes walls, although it would be nice to convince others of that. This is not a lie, this is a tactical maneuver, but if your conscience allows you to lie to others, then don't even dream of achieving some results - you are awaiting an epic fail. Mercury will be on your side right now, but he will not help if he senses any injustice. This is the law of the universe, which always states that creation breeds progress, everything else breeds degradation. So collect yourself and if necessary - be the change you want to see in the world. If you have your own business, try to change the schematics of interacting with your employees, perhaps, you should review your HR policy.

The sphere of personal relationships will be even more destabilized in May 2015. In your relationship with your lover you will have to make the final decision that might not define your entire life, but will be a significant milestone nevertheless. So concentrate and think what it is that you want. Do not lie to yourself, since the choice that you make now will not be subject to change in the future. That means that you can always make the radical decision to just cut the rope, but this is serious stupidity for which it would be deserving to pay for the rest of your life. In your relationship with friends, you should also review your behaviour. Perhaps you are making big mistakes at times? Remind yourself what is honesty and self-worth, evaluate yourself from the point of view of these concepts. Can people who know you be proud of you? If not, then it is evident that you will soon realize why your life is really empty. When there comes a time to reap, sitting in a corner is not the best option. Stand up and accept the circumstances the way that they are. Do not be afraid of changing, it makes you stronger.

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Comments: May 2015 Horoscope Virgo

Sunny 2015-05-23 15:55:34
👍 +3 👎
Absolute correct prediction.I agree what has been said and its true coz the same has happened.
Camelion 2015-05-16 20:19:39
👍 +6 👎
There are many astrology forecasts available to read. This is the first time I've read this one and think the writer must not like Virgos, in general - maybe had a bd experience in the past - from the way things are written compared with other astrologer's interpretation of May 2015. We are all human and limited by what's inside our heads. I won't be back on this site again. Love and light to all......
reyna 2015-05-11 19:19:32
👍 +4 👎
past was disastrous..present empty,,,future dissappointing for it possible to change my sign
Regal 2015-05-07 19:26:37
👍 +5 👎
I noticed that too that for Virgo's it sounds like we should just hang ourselves because anything we try to do is going to blow up in our face & everything around us is already blowing up in our face. Does the universe have a particular hatred for some signs like Virgo, or are some people placed with their sign as punishment? I don't want to be told things are nice when they really aren't, but it's hard for me to believe that every single month, every single year for Virgos is so negative. Plus, what about people who are single? I see mention of 'in your (romantic) relationship', but if you're not in one, then what, all the single Virgo's should forget about finding love because we can't have it & if we think we found it it's going to blow up in our face & end anyway?? Hmmmm. Can I change my sign? Leo's seem like they usually have a pretty good year every year.....
Noel 2015-06-07 11:18:24
My gf is virgo, love her much but so many times i had to be patient with all the mega stubboness that my real brain even can do nothing with. Oh my god who are you ppl?
umavathi 2015-05-06 22:59:28
👍 +5 👎
I am jobless. Nothing is move and empty results. What should I do now. No money at all thinking and thinking. Nothing is coming up.
gwen 2015-04-30 18:04:17
👍 +4 👎
Helena 2015-04-27 22:22:33
👍 +2 👎
why is the horoscope so negative are you
virgogirl 2015-04-27 04:37:17
👍 +3 👎
an ex of a virgo 2015-04-23 17:08:41
👍 +6 👎
Its telling you to be honest aboyt yourself and others.
To face your mistakes coming clean to those closest
Verona 2015-04-16 15:08:13
👍 +9 👎
I feel the horoscope reads negative leaving the person who reads feel bleak! Truth is fine but it can be put in words more positively.
dorothy4evr 2015-04-08 11:49:29
👍 +8 👎
Why is the horoscope given in such a negative way.? I know it's helpful. But it should be given in such a manner so that it doesn't have any bad effect on the person reading it.

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