Virgo Horoscope for November 2015

November 2015 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for November 2015

Monthly November 2015 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly November 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

The representative of the mutable cross of the Earth trigon, the zodiac sign of Virgo will face a situation in November 2015 where there is no obvious opposition from circumstances to your plans, but everything will seem to be going wrong. Such an unusual situation with maximum duality and ambiguity will arise due to the fact that the overall energy pattern of the solar system will be extremely negative, but at the same time none of the aggressive celestial objects will have a powerful or a decisive influence on the sign of Virgo. Mercury, who also acts as the planet-ruler and the planet-exalt this sign, will be strong enough to escape the negative interstellar emanations. At the same time, the Ruler of the Earth and Celestial Trade Routes will have the strength to somehow stabilize the working direction. Neptune, responsible for the expulsion of Virgo, in view of his current status as the "celestial leader" of the Earth trigon, will shield his own negative emanations and will remain completely neutral. Venus, which is responsible for the fall of the sign, will retain her position, but will not be able to provide a living Virgo with any really powerful influence that is likely to cause anything more than petty domestic quarrel.

In general, the scope of business will be a stable direction for the zodiac sign of the Virgo in November 2015. There is no significant spike in sight, so if this is the time when you planned to increase your profits, you cannot rely on such an outcome. All of your current projects will find their logical conclusion, but the level of implementation will be frankly far from complete failure, but clearly not what you were going for. You can be sure of one thing - you have nothing to lose. Of course, that is if you make the right decisions, because all around you your opponents and implicit rivals will be circling for the entire month, just waiting for a reason to strike you in the back. Do not give them that chance! Do not be suspicious, that is too much, but do not lose vigilance either. Throughout the month, be ready, and if necessary, take appropriate measures. What is meant by "adequate measures" will be shown by the situation, and in this respect everything will be all too individual to be able to talk about some general prognosis.

The sensory-emotional sphere of November 2015 will be much more negative for the Virgo than the working direction. It is likely that you will have to go through a rupture of relations. However, make no mistake, the reason for this situation is not hiding in some circumstances or external factors. All the fault will be on your personal actions and words. Exactly where you're wrong, what was miscalculated - it could be how you answered the phone if you think about. But, of course, things cannot be as sad when you and your lover will still find a positive solution of the conflict. For this it is necessary to connect all of your diplomatic skills, coupled with charisma. Be steadfast and do not give up, relieve pressure and then the situation will change in your favor with high probability. The slightest slack can be fatal now, so think for yourself - what is worth it. No matter how mercenary it sounds, the situations really are very different for everyone. Anyway, this month you have to make quite an important choice, which, perhaps, will largely determine your future life.

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