2015 Horoscope for Rooster Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope Rooster

Chinese 2015 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rooster, for the 2015 Green Wood RAM Year

In 2015 Madame Fortuna will shift some weight from the pan of trials into the pan of rewards; so good things will prevail in the Rooster's life. However, don't expect money to start flowing right into your hands, beautiful strangers to fall at your feet and pierogies to dip themselves into the sour cream and float right into your mouth. All life goodies will be similar to fruit on the trees - you'll have to do a lot of jumping in order to try fresh fruit. The patron of the 2015 year period the Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) favours all signs and is never greedy; therefore, it is not going to discourage us.

The Roosters-Casanovas in 2015 should revisit their life philosophy and give a thought to finding an exclusive partner and family warmth. The horoscope advises you to stop chasing after every skirt; after all, when it comes to love, quantity hardly becomes quality. Take a better look at your partners and if you feel like calling another partner of yours a chicken, she is hardly good for you. The upcoming year bears a heightened risk for people's hearts which will be breaking left and right. Those of you who are used to fighting till the end and conquering impregnable fortresses if not by a charge, than with a siege, will spend much time wooing indifferent someone and still end up with nothing. Try to not invest money and energy into hopeless love projects; otherwise, you will be a miserable bankrupt in 2015. Our life is too short and if we spend it by chasing after happiness, we'll hardly have any time left to enjoy the happiness itself. In 2015 be with someone who wants to be with you.

The Roosters' interpersonal relations will depend on how much tact the feathered squabblers will demonstrate. If at the slightest hint of a conflict of interests or difference of opinions you start cockle-doodle-doing at the top of your lungs, get all puffed up and ready to fight, you're then in for a difficult period marked by quarrels and battles. Depending on your household members' temperament your home can either become a war zone or a testing ground for a cold war. The horoscope advises us in 2015 to keep in mind that on having painfully stumbled upon a rock it is useless to hit it angrily back; that's why during family fights we should use our heads, not our emotions. By throwing a fit in front of your family in defense of your opinion you will scarcely make them change their minds and understand where you're coming from; however, if all of you sit down at the negotiation table, you'll have a chance to find a compromise and preserve peace in the family. Be a touch more diplomatic and you'll see how much the atmosphere at home will improve!

If the Rooster in 2015 year of the Wood Sheep aims at career advancement, it should then forget about leisurely pecking grains at lunch time and frequently taking breaks for a smoke during the work hours. Your trump capable of beating your rivals' cards is your enthusiasm and endless activeness. Constantly remind your management about yourself by putting forward new initiatives and innovative ideas. You may not invent a bicycle, but your manager will take a note of how hard you try to. Unfortunately, the horoscope doesn't promise the Rooster the rain of gold and a Ferrari in the garage, so proud lookers will have to tone their appetites down a bit. You'll be professionally successful, but its monetary counterpart will be somewhat tardy; thus, you won't notice any significant improvements in your financial position. Even savvy businessmen should not be investing their money into risky projects in the upcoming year by keeping in mind the words, often uttered by policemen, "Everything you say can and will be used against you." People will have a very sharp response to the Roosters' words and pick a fight every chance they get. The feathered creatures may win a battle, but will have some feathers plucked and their body pecked. Don't be turning your colleagues against you; after all, it is more enjoyable to work in friendly or even indifferently neutral environment than daily spend 8 hours in the enemy's camp. In 2015 let your common sense guide you and remember that our head is not only for wearing a handsome comb!

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Comments: 2015 Horoscope Rooster

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phamster 2015-02-28 04:03:16
My business was supposed to open last year but unpredictable event happen so now it wont be open till late may june this year.. will it be good for me cause my forcast say do not invest in anything. Its too late to turn back.. I'm feeling nervous and hopeless. Any recommendations? ? I was born in the year 1981. Thanks.
Ronny 2015-03-22 23:28:15
Don't despair everything is for a reason and everything passes _ it's how we cope that makes the difference
james 2015-02-19 07:20:47
my friend alice had a real enlightened but emotion end to the past year she is a water rooster will she feel love and light in the year of the goat?
frank 2015-02-18 14:55:53
dont make any spur of the moment decisions even if it sounds to good to be true the night always brings good sense thank you
eabeier 2015-02-12 21:57:24
I will be glad to soon retire as my co-workers are bitter and depressed. I will enjoy the freedom age will bring to me! As for money - never had it and never will.
cozynook 2015-01-19 12:39:58
im a vegetable farmer and i want to expand or get additional seedlings... Should i continue it?
Roosty 2015-02-08 03:43:44
Message from cozynook
im a vegetable farmer and i want to expand or get additional seedlings... Should i continue it?

Yes continue....
Bikaw 2015-01-05 09:10:21
not good for investing, huhuhuhu i'm a small time businessman and planning to expand this year.. what should i do?
crazy cock 2015-01-04 22:47:38
Good Luck fellow roosters in 2015!!! We will definitely need it lol...I like what the article says about being more tactful and diplomatic this year using less of a sharp tongue. I will definitely give this a try this year as it seems it is much needed. As a metal cock I will have a sorely bitten tongue. I like that it says for singles there's a good chance of finding love towards 2nd half of year, that gives hope. Thanks!!! Ready for 2015 😃

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