2015 Horoscope for Rat Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope Rat

Chinese 2015 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rat, for the 2015 Green Wood RAM Year

In 2015 the Rat and the Wooden Sheep will be walking hand-in-hand; thus, you should expect one successful year! What used to concern you in the past (uncertainty, changeability) will finally go away and you will have a chance to stand firm on the ground. However, the horoscope has a warning for the grey dreamers right off the bat: you shouldn't count on a barn full of grain - have realistic expectations and moderate appetites. Astrologists do not promise you an escalator to the paradise or a first class airfare on the plane leaving for a country of pleasures. The Rat's habits to look for a warmer safer place will help it get a cozy little burrow and spend the coming year in peace and safety. In the year of the Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) you won't have to look around for more lucrative places and people won't be trying to poison you with various toxins or lure you into treacherous traps.

The Rats will interpret the tranquility as a chance to finally focus on their personal life. Now that nothing and no one threatens them they feel comfortable; you've managed to snatch a lucrative job; so why not think of starting a family? Many couples in 2015 will decide to give their relations a legal status by exchanging rings and settling under one roof. Single people will be looking for a partner with doubled zeal. Without your other half you'll feel as if you're only wearing one sock to the party: there doesn't appear to be anything scandalous or inappropriate about you, but people are staring, whispering behind your back and pointing at you. The minute you step outside for a smoke, the whole party starts actively discussing your problem, "What is up? Maybe he/she can't afford the second sock? May there be something wrong with the other foot if none of the socks fit it? A blister, maybe? A fungus? Or could he/she be robbed on the way to the party?" Perhaps, you could ignore all rumors and gossips, but wearing only one sock does bother you, too: your toes are cold, hard bread crumbs stick to your heels and your overall appearance is a bit awkward. However, the very fact that a grey rodent decides to get a life partner doesn't really mean that it will settle for the very first offer. Those who in 2015 will start vigorously making eyes to the Rats in the hopes of easily getting their attention will be severely disappointed by the results of their amorous blitzkrieg.

Even two socks that don't match in color, size or pattern look ridiculous not to mention incompatible people who meet in the life stream with the sole purpose of not being alone. You will not start a relationship with someone whose temperament or life aspirations don't match yours; instead, you'll prefer to spend a little longer time, but eventually find the heart that beats with yours as one. The Rats who find their significant others will use all their resources - mental and physical - to win their hearts. You may not take down the Great Wall of China; you may not dedicate "Devine Comedy" to your loved one, but you'll certainly do many smaller, but enjoyable things to please your partner and demonstrate the power of your feelings. This is the case of when gentle soft waves are slowly eating at the boulders and eventually make their way to where they want to be. In 2015 don't be afraid of showing your feelings; after all, hiding love deep inside is similar to keeping a great masterpiece away from people. Don't be emotionally greedy; instead, generously share your thoughts and emotions with those around.

The year of 2015 will prove rather uneventful for the entrepreneurial Rats. Madame Fortuna will hardly have any unspeakable "nasties" planned for you and you will have enough life experience to successfully handle usual life problems. You will not find a goldmine, unfortunately, but you'll be able to make a small fortunate on selling common ore if you avoid being lazy and stop losing heart every time the times are tough. Many of you will be off to a great start by entering the market with new offerings and innovations. The thing is: you've already got everything you need to make a giant leap forward (vast experience, unconventional ideas and useful connections) and the patron of the coming year will provide you with strength and determination. The horoscope would like to ask you to fill your internal storerooms with patience and equanimity - these are the qualities you'll need more than once during 2015. In order to become successful you must neither panic nor attack troubles with brutal force; after all, good luck is a very fragile substance which can easily break at an imprudent move or word. If things are not working out for you, don't be dashing to another side of the city over to your business partner's to accuse them of all mortal sins; at the same time, don't be sobbing locked up in the bathroom viewing an employment shopping cart on your cellphone. After all, only death can put a big fat stop to all events; while a person is alive there is a meaningful suspension point in their life which may very well become a full-blown happy end when proper efforts are made.

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HeavyMetalRat 2015-07-11 02:47:22
I'm married to a Pig we're both Scorpios. It is encouraging to see what is forecasted for us both! We've had some very bad years from 2010 when we lost everything due to my hubby investing with a psychopath criminal which I predicted but you know the Pig! Pigheaded so we were SCREWED lost our house all his retirement EVERYTHING but our LOVE and SYMPATHY for one another. Almost divorced him because of the stress though. We've been blessed managed to buy another house in 2013 owner financed and things have be getting progressively better! I guess I'm writing this because many people have been through a lot and I'm here to encourage you, just don't stop. Never quit! I was emotionally bankrupt but my Pig husband never surrendered! We look forward to the forecasts with renewed HOPE! LOVE/HOPE/FOCUS is what we all need!
km 2015-02-27 10:44:45
great year , great life, lots of fun
oraculardata 2015-02-25 19:01:41
that was actually good lots of silent gems waiting for stillness thanks rare to find this depth in a horoscope
clarice 2015-01-01 01:54:56
totally confusing ..as it was meant to be
Roger 2014-12-30 05:59:59
you guys post in such a way the person either lives happily 365days or worrying all the year.be specific and do not confuse the readers.
Selladurai a/l Karuppan 2014-12-17 16:43:02
Not very clear, how about my business in 2015 for Rate.
Virginia bolor lustre 2014-11-29 04:44:59
Please read my lifepath....

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