2015 Health Horoscope for Aries Zodiac Sign

2015 Health Horoscope Aries

Aries Health Horoscope 2015 for the year of the Green Wood RAM

2015 Horoscope

In the first half of 2015 Aries' health will be much to be desired. Some of the Rams will notice their immune system weaken and their chronic ailments act up more often; but they won't seem to have any time to go see a doctor. You should watch out for colds; keep your feet dry and stay home when it rains outside. Even during summer months you'll be prone to colds; thus, try to dress according to the weather - take proper care of yourself. During the second half of the day when Aries is finally sick and tired of being ill all the time, it will eventually seek doctor's advice and start paying more attention to their health. The likelihood of finding good specialists is quite high.

Aries, please note the periods of 2015 when you should be particularly careful:

January 13-February 20. During this time the Rams will feel fatigued and depressed. Psychological crisis may have some of your chronic conditions exacerbate. Also, during this period your body will be susceptible to infectious diseases occurring in a latent form. In case of fever, even if in your opinion it is absolutely nothing to worry about, you should see doctor's advice right away.

May 13-June 24. During this time you should protect yourself from upper respiratory tract ailments, colds and allergies aggravation (if you have any).

Summer months (mid-June -mid-September) are accident-prone time when the likelihood of fractures is quite high. Bones and teeth will be especially vulnerable. It is not advisable to have any dental procedures done during the summer time (especially prosthetics-related).

September 26-November 12. This is one of the most challenging periods for your health when your body is very weakened and in need of support. It will be beneficial for you to have preventative procedures done aimed at improving your immune response and preventing chronic ailment exacerbation. You should also pay special attention to your dietary habits and the quality of nutrition. The risk of getting food poisoning is getting higher.

Cosmetology procedures will prove successful during February 21-March 31. You should stay away from any work meant to preserve your youth and beauty during the time between July 25 and September 6. It's also advisable for you to stay away from injections of any kind (Botox, hyaluronic acid, etc.), skin lifting, plastic surgeries, tattooing, piercing - the procedures may yield an opposite result of what you expected and may prove harmful to your health.

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