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The Zodiac Sign Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope

Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope

Zodiac sign Aries Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Aries, Basic Traits of the sign of the Zodiac Aries' Love & Romance Character, Aries Relationships Individual Preferences, those born during March 21 - April 20

Aries and Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope

Both enter with the intent of dominating the scenario. A passionate affair, but neither is content in playing the smaller role. In the sexual relationships between them, the woman will dominate. The Aries-man will not stand to play the role of a subordinate for very long. Each of them will try to become the leader, and it will create a tense atmosphere. As a result, it means many problems in the bedroom. While this is definitely not the best union to be found, it can be made to work if both love each other enough to sacrifice a little bit of the self and ego for the sake of the others feelings. Having a Birth Natal Charts made is almost a must for these two as the charts will show where the weakness and the strengths lie, enabling them to work around them. With these, they will find themselves in a lasting and happy union.

Aries and Taurus Love Compatibility Horoscope

Both are highly sensual, but Aries may be annoyed by the deliberate pace and unimaginative lovemaking of Taurus. Aries is a fun seeking person and will be trying to entertain him/herself constantly. The thrift of Taurus, who seldom makes anything spontaneously, will become irritated. Taurus is good at making money but Aries is even better at spending it. The long haul can be hard going, though if they hang on long enough Aries will come to appreciate Taurus's steadiness and dependability. If Taurus allows Aries to take a lead role, they will find new opportunities for sensual pleasure. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get a desirable balance. These relationships are usually short term.

Aries and Gemini Love Compatibility Horoscope

This union can turn out to be delightful, because both Aries and Gemini are tireless, active, and inclined to search for a new knowledge. The Aries' tendency to dominate is limited by an ingenuity of the Twins. The Twins have no sexual prejudices, but their energy can search for other ways of satisfaction. Gemini may seek extra stimulation but is discreet about it. Both minds mesh well; Aries is dynamic and intelligent, Gemini is versatile and ingenious. Aries is likely to be the leader sexually, and Gemini delights in thinking up variations to keep Aires's interest at a peak. The marriage can turn out to be quite successful.

Aries and Cancer Love Compatibility Horoscope

This combination is usually hard to match. The powerful sexual attraction is a usual thing for these two signs. A problem is that sexual attraction fades in the face of many temperamental differences. Aries leaps without looking; Cancer is cautious. Cancer loves hearth and home; Aries hates being tied down. Resentments build up and they argue over trifles. The discrepancy between their temperaments results in a strengthening of incompatibility in bed. Astrological forecast for this couple is a stormy sea, and the marriage for certain will result in ship-wreck.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility Horoscope

Both Aries and Leo have aggressive temperaments. Both have got egos to burn and both like to lead. Aggressive Aries wouldn't dream of taking second place, and kingly Leo needs constant admiration. This is particularly true if Aries will allow Leo to hold the center stage on occasions. Sharing the limelight is important on Leo's part, however, as Aries will feel the need to be on stage once in a while as well. Aries should flatter the Leo on his/her physique. Being so alike sexually can be one of the most important things that will keep them true to their commitments. Between the two of them, if one is loving and tactful with the other, meeting the other person's emotional needs, they can create a steady and long-term union.

Aries and Virgo Love Compatibility Horoscope

The bravery of the Aries will probably intrigue the imagination of shy, reserved Virgo for a time. However, their sexualities are so different, that they will have to be very patient in order to succeed. Aires's passions are impulsive and direct. Virgo's sexuality is more enigmatic and takes time to be revealed. In other areas, Aries is full of exciting new plans and ideas and insists on being the boss. Virgo is critical, fussy, and likes things to be done the way Virgo wants. In fact, the charts do imply that these two could work, but it will take a lot of effort on both sides. Otherwise, the relationships will not be very pleasant and chances for a successful marriage are fifty / fifty.

Aries and Libra Love Compatibility Horoscope

There is a powerful initial attraction between these two opposites, for in certain areas each supplies what the other lacks. Both are fond of sexual pleasures, but the Aries probably will try to go too far too quickly. The Libra is inclined to idealize everything and can lose all illusions. Later Libra will look for someone less demanding, and Aries will find someone more adoring. The physical connection is possible, but only temporarily. The marriage is very rare.

Aries and Scorpio Love Compatibility Horoscope

The sex can turn out to be either stimulating or useless. There are two directions for the events to develop. Both the Aries and the Scorpio possess a large amount of physical energy, and they are both inclined to act upon it. On the other hand, they are both independent and do not like being controlled. Long-term disagreements may destroy their phenomenal ability to share a passion with each other. Usually, this is an unstable partnership with a low ignition point.

Aries and Sagittarius Love Compatibility Horoscope

The Mars-Jupiter duo is usually an ideal match for each other. Sagittarius is a perfect temperamental match for Aries. They are both active, spontaneous people who like socializing, have extravagant tastes in common, and enjoy the good life. The Aries' optimism and his good sense of humor will help to overcome propensity of the Sagittarius to argue and will bring a funny side into the process of making love. The mutual understanding achieved in a bedroom can create a favorable atmosphere for the relationships. This is certainly successful and recommended union. The marriage will be connected closely with the promise of physical satisfaction. In other words, if they make it in the bedroom, they'll make it everywhere else.

Aries and Capricorn Love Compatibility Horoscope

Not a hopeful combination. Saturn, represented by Father Time, is the Capricorn's standard-bearer. The Aries is a restless, fiery, impulsive experimenter. The Capricorn is on the contrary sanctimonious person. Capricorn needs to dominate, and so does Aries. Problems also crop up over money; Aries is extravagant, Capricorn is security minded. Capricorn is a simple soul and Aries may be too overwhelming; Aries will take risks and enjoy them while the same risks will make Capricorn shudder. Some very violent quarrels can erupt due to this and the many other personality conflicts. Aries will not like the pessimistic gloom that Capricorn use to dampen the Aries enthusiasms. The Capricorn will prefer only one pose for making love and even a certain time. However, the Aries can take the initiative under his/her own control. If it takes place, a marriage is preferred over a short connection.

Aries and Aquarius Love Compatibility Horoscope

This connection will be stormy and will bring a lot of new emotions. There is a chance that the Aries will be dominating, as the Aquarius is more passive. The planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, is unpredictable in its actions; therefore, Aquarians have a tendency to procrastinate too much to please the Arians "up and at 'em" characteristics. If both sides take on a bit of tact & understanding, this great love affair could turn into something special. The Aries must be very tactful if he/she wants to deal with this extremely emotional dreamer. In bedroom Aquarius, while jealous and possessive of his/her partner, rarely overindulges activities as he/she has far more things to do and to be engrossed in; therefore he/she is not as sexually active as Aries would like, and Aries will come to see Aquarius as a selfish lover. It is unusual, completely separate of events in connection. In case of marriage, a lot will be depending on how much they love each other.

Aries and Pisces Love Compatibility Horoscope

Fire and water do not normally mix and that is why the Aries with Pisces love match could be a complex relationship. Aries is self-assured and vivacious; Pisces is somewhat shy and easily led. Aries likes to be dominant, Pisces likes having someone to lean on. The Aries will be intrigued by the behavior of Pisces in the bedroom. The active participation of the Aries will help Pisces get over their shyness. The realization of Pisces' sexual wishes can cause strong excitation. Together they will have an interesting and pleasant time. The opportunity of connection or a marriage is very high if they manage to overcome the differences between their temperaments.

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The Zodiac Sign Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope Zodiac signs Well

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Comments: Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope

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Su 2021-03-02 01:51:56
Victor 2018-09-30 11:15:51
I am Taurus. Which star is compatible with a Taurus. Thanks!
AquaWoman 2018-01-04 19:19:46
I'm Aquarius woman inlove with me Aries man.
Aquarius might seems detached but to be honest We are very emotional and love deeply we are just afraid to show it. If Aquarius have feelings for you they'll show it by giving you their time and attention.

I have Aries man we've been dating for 7 months he said he's afraid of commitment and yet when I'm sleep well he thinks I'm sleep he'll tell me he loves me and will never hurt me. but he can't say it to me when I'm awake. why? not good at texting won't reply and won't call!

I need to understand aries man.

any suggestions?
parth 2017-08-17 03:06:26
Hello,I am Virgo and I got love with Aries,but how to propose her
Lisa 2017-05-18 23:28:31
Never date a cancer aries nation.i'm in love witha sagatarius
Emily 2017-04-19 20:59:48
I am an Aries girl with a cancer boy
Hey 2017-01-09 13:41:06
i am a Aries girl with a Scorpio guy we r perfect together
Mal 2016-07-20 16:14:46
I'm an Aries female, and I was with an Aries male for about 2 and a half years. Honestly, the relationship was great. We were like best friends, and the sexual energy between us was high as well. He was loyal, exciting, and adventurous, just like me. The only reason we broke up was distance (college). However, eventually, we will probably find our way back to one another. I believe the Aries and Aries combination is definitely possible, as long as both parties are willing to remain loyal and support each other!

Enterview 2016-07-19 07:10:22
Aries man Libra female and Aries man Virgo female doesn't work. The beginning of the relationship is great, but slowly disintegrates. Polar opposites.
Hello. 2016-05-20 23:15:53
I'm an aries in love with a libra, like, desperately in love. And they're my best friend. Love sucks.
hi 2016-09-16 04:25:32
i'm an aries too and i had a crush on a libra in school long time ago the secret why we like them cuz aries are opposite of libra in zodiac sign my mom is capricorn and dad is a cancer and also they are opposite one
micole 2016-03-25 16:42:12
im an aries girl woth a libro and its kinda good but hes in love with me and wants to get married but i dont think i am ready idk
Maria , 2016-01-22 05:23:15
I'm an Aries girl and in a relationship with a cancer and I'm scared omg
Tom 2017-12-25 15:03:00
I'm a Aries male in a relationship with a Cancer woman and you should be scared, I'm frightened ...not a good combination !
Nana 2017-01-16 23:33:34
Why you scared Maria? I am Aries and in the relationship with cancer man as well. He is such a calm and quite. I think most of the time, they said we are not compatible with each other. But i do hope, love can solve everything. And the most important is both people. What do you think?

azaria 2015-11-16 08:02:39
I am a Aries I'm having between me and this Pisces and everything your talking is right about us I'm just tired of getting my heart broken
bela bunny 2015-10-11 10:56:44
I am an Aries woman, and i am in love with a Cancer man....we started off as friends and now are dating...we have a ton in common..like the same things...miss eachother like crazy when one of us leaves...cant stand being parted from him..this is the guy i would love to marry one day
Cancy 2016-09-19 02:16:55
So are things going still good?
Lainey 2015-10-22 20:11:09
Glad to hear this is working for oyu. I am Aries and my ex husband was cancer. This was the worst 10 years of my life. He was boring, atubborn and didnt compromised. I hit the road. Best wishes and luck to you, hope it works!
alex 2015-09-13 04:49:59
i dated all signs they wasnt for me
CJ 2016-10-21 23:36:39
My son's father is Cancer. They are crazy, possessive, bullies and insecure. Will never date a Cancer ever again. Oh, and they are cheap. Sagittarius, huh? Hope I can me one of those..sounds promising. I was in love with a Capricorn..liar and terrible at communicating. Taurus are liars. Pisces love porn. Libra good men..will pamper you...tough to settle down...fun..live spending time/ money..Selfish at times. Taurus love money, sex, but as they get older the creepy they get. Leo love money, hard workers...childish. Aquarius non ambitious. Pisces lazy but faithful.
ll 2015-09-13 02:52:14
Aries in a relationship with the lion (Leo) for ten years, relationship good for the most part. we share a lot of the same qualities especially monogamous, loyalty and not to brag but we both have high sex drives.
reine 2019-06-18 11:56:45
Me too an Aries female In a relationship with Leo man for 13 wonderful years and more...have high s*x drive, full of love and loyalty
Kaye 2016-08-30 17:48:05
I just want a Leo in my life...
True 2016-07-19 06:14:22
15 years in two months for my Leo Man and myself the Aries woman. It's all about taking turns and also we go way deeper then most anyone else emotionally. He's an asshole and I laugh at his ridiculous things he does to get attention.. He says he isn't but c'mon Hahahaha I love him so much that if we ever do break up/ we won't .. He's already told me I'm his real one true best friend. I keep him on his toes and he loves it.. Btw I'm 5 years older too. Idk if that says anything hahahaha
Sammy 2015-09-05 20:39:16
I'm an Aries I don't get a long with Virgo or Cancer I hate both man are horrible
Aries, Gemini, Aries Love Triangle 2015-09-04 19:26:40
I am a Aries woman and i am in love with a Aries man. currently i am in a relationship with a Gemini man, who is VERY controlling. But soon im leaving him to be with the man i love. We have a lot in common, our birthdays are 1 day apart, we like the same things, we have the same bold tempers. I have never met him in person, soon i will be traveling from one side of the country to the next (where he lives) just to meet him. I'm a little worried that our tempers and hardheaded options might clash, but i am very much in love with him, so i'll stay optimistic about our future together 🙂
tia 2016-10-17 03:08:14
Gemini are very controlling and Aries are far too strong to controlled 🙂
Noone you know,mmmm 2015-11-18 23:18:04
Your a cheating wayward person and you don't deserve that Gemini mam he can do way better than you period,,you can go to the USA meet a man who will never be w you and what you got was a man who has a family he want leave ever for a cheater he got what he wanted from an easy ride over..don't flatter yourself that u got away w it because u will live with that while he the Gemini man finds way better than u could ever be I wouldn't come bragging about cheating and being a fake WW and you can't turn a WH** n2 a house wife shame on you...you make other aries women and many more look bad and not all cheats like you. You have no class and your Hugh ego will get burned by the woman who is gonna get your soon to be ex Gemini you need help
abigail 2015-11-26 03:56:59
in my own opinion, we cant judge a person unless we step into her shoes, if you are not happy in our relationship, why do we need to stay? and besides, is she already married with that gemini man? maybe no, so how come cheating is there,we still don't know the full story so we dont need to call her a cheat. she is not happy with the Gemini, so why she will stay? try to ask also your self, are you gonna stay in a relationship ( not marriage) wich you are no longer happy? both of you will never be happy if its only one way love.... think about it... dont be so judgemental... 🙂 🙂
leos woman 2015-08-25 05:03:37
Leos. Woman and an aries man the relationships have longevity they are compatible and cannot be seperated. The love is natural
rT 2015-09-01 20:23:37
Am leo girl in relationship with an aries guy for 6 years. he left me 4 times and came back. started off by weeks...then 1-2 months and last time 4 months. This time...will be 2 years in Sep. Technically, i know him 9 years...with him 6 years and without him 2 years. sometimes i think how could i be wiz someone who never said he loved me on face value. always just felt i need him and he needs me. N u said it...i feel natural with him. but u see....sometimes its like it is. uncertainty is the most certain thing in my life wiz him. all i can say to all people who love....love sincerely...and say it as much and loud u can. and NEVER...be scared to be urself coz if he loves YOU...it will be U with all ur good and BAD!
Kenneth 2015-08-22 12:25:24
Hi all! I'm kenneth and I'm Aries guy in love with a Pisces girl. She is everything loving fun, brilliant, exciting and makes me happy, I must say she was a little stubborn and had allot of ego, she's emotional and I've come to realize I'm just the same. My point is, astrology can tell you what traits you have, who you best match with. But what about who you are not everyone they say for you will be. I'm just happy that she makes me happy. And someone you care for may irritate you and not always see what, and how you see. But who are you to say they not care. Everyone needs love. Too many divorces these days. Chao.
Ray 2015-08-10 12:45:06
I'm an Aries female. A few months ago I was dating a Aries male and it ended terribly. We fought all the time. I have a very strong opinion and so did he and it caused fights. I am now dating Sagitarrius and I must say that relationship is great! He's very loving and honest, but sometimes very vague on how he feels.
k 2015-11-17 21:16:37
well you must see when is his birth date. did you know that aries has 3 types? being born in first, middle or later date would meant a big difference. all my 2 other siblings and i are all aries. and i have practical prove that what i say is true. and plus the chinese astrology here, you will most probably get at least 90% to 98% if you are talking about aries. if you are more into it. you plus the blood type as well.
incompatible signs for the Aries 2015-08-09 21:35:50
Okay. Now i know the Aries and Cancer are NOT SUITED. and the Aries with the Libra is a poor match which is like the compatibility with the signs with the dragon and the dog which is the poor match right there.
J.MARIE-ANNE 2015-07-31 19:46:54
i find this .....quiet intresting,but kind of rediculeous
April 2015-07-22 03:30:22
I'm a Aries female and crazy about a Gemini male but he constantly is ok one minute and mad the next. He is just confusing, He is very hard to get along with no matter how kind and caring I am.
Sue Lu 2015-08-31 07:40:21
Im an Aries female dating a Gemini male. And what you are saying is exactly what I'm going through. One moment he is hot the next he is cold. One moment he makes me my knees wobbly and the next he makes want to pull my hair out. I love him very much but at times he makes it so hard to love him
Gemini 2015-08-09 21:32:19
Gemini probably finds where as it feels constrained and i guess tends to flee and makes Gemini assume that it's feeling smothered. I guess I'm on the right track for that.
Reese 2015-07-25 01:53:17
That's how Gemini's are, dual personalities. They also tend to be mean people- not nice at all.

Laba 2015-06-22 13:32:42
m aries. i m dating with pisces woman. this relationshil is very good. no matter what significant see worse, aries dedication and trueness makes pisces happy alwys. pisces needs love and deep care which aries can give.
Louise 2015-06-21 04:29:55
I was in Love with a Libra man. I am an Aries girl
Ariesgirl 2015-06-20 08:52:51
I am a Aries girl, & dating a cancer man, these 2 signs have a low compatibility. But some how we make it work, very happy.
Nat 2015-06-16 05:36:32
I'm a Virgo female happily married to an Aries man for nearly 20 years together. So happy! Aries men can adore their wives. If Virgos feel loved and adored then we are happy and relaxed. It's a good match if both have lots in common and can enjoy each others company. My sister is Virgo (same day as me) and with a Airian man. Not so good.
cynthia 2015-06-03 02:54:44
I am a Virgo women head over heels with a Aries I lovethere wittiness eenergetic . but very selfish people they are a rollercoaster kind of like bipolar. Ugh
Jackie 2015-06-02 23:04:36
I am an Aries woman dating a Capricorn man and yes it does have it's moments, he is very moody which make's me fiery . He is a deep lover but he runs hot and cold and it seems to always be on his terms. Not the easiest by any means but faithful and loyal. 6months on let's see if there is another!!!

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