2015 Horoscope for Monkey Zodiac Sign

2015 Horoscope Monkey

Chinese 2015 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Monkey, for the 2015 Green Wood RAM Year

In 2015 you, similar to a folklore bogatyr, will find yourself at the crossroads; however, there is nothing to be scared of - you won't have to choose between bad, very bad and horrible. On the contrary, the patron of the year the Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) will start offering the Monkeys a variety of tempting options and all they will have to do is choose the best one. The horoscope doesn't promise you easy ways; so, be prepared to be patient and have an ice pack ready for when life gives you bumps and bruises. Finally deciding to do something in particular will be as hard as choosing a dessert at the coffee shop after 6 months of dieting. Luckily, the Monkey is not one of those people who spend hours indecisively staring at the counter full of sweets and finally leave empty-handed. You prefer making your decisions fast and ordering desserts by rightfully noting that it is better to make the wrong choice than not make any at all. In 2015 try to stick by this rule in your love life, too; then everything will be just fine. Those who decide to cater to two customers at the same time will not win anything. Despite the fact that the 2015 Wood Sheep Year is far from bigotry and doesn't like preaching to its wards, it will hardly approve of several affairs at the same times - the horned patron values sincerity and honesty in relations. Casanovas indiscriminately stealing hearts and messing with others' feelings automatically fall into the category of love liars and are sentenced to a bad luck streak.

In 2015 the Monkeys will prove particularly susceptible to the atmosphere around them. A love virus will attack us as fast and mercilessly as winter flu. Happy feelings, fiery passion and romantic flair - it is all good; however, don't forget about common sense and objectivity when it comes to someone you love. The horoscope asks you to not lose your head to hormones and have a critical opinion of your partner. Keep in mind that there is a huge abyss between a genius who hasn't been recognized and a slacker who keeps complaining; and this difference is easy to see (if you haven't completely been blinded by your feelings). If you doubt your own ability to judge, ask someone you trust for help and be sure to follow their advice. If your friends are all as one telling you that your other half is shamelessly taking advantage of you, maybe it is really the case...

Another difficult moment for the Monkey in the year of the Wooden Sheep is its own impulsiveness. You are used to giving praises and scolding people right in their faces without really being careful about what you say. The problem is 2015 places stakes on interpersonal relations; thus, people who don't know how to get along with others will run into several problems. Follow our unforgettable Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin's advice and "learn to control yourself." Even if you want to open someone's eyes to their intellect level or peculiarity of their tastes, stop and think for a second whether "the truth" is worth future battles. If the Monkey doesn't want to get shot in the back by a former ally, it should not be speaking up its mind left and right; otherwise, by the end of 2015 the people who like you will have become much fewer in numbers.

In 2015 year of the Wood Sheep the Monkeys can only be envied when it comes to their financial situation: they will be able to afford not only bread and butter, but putting some money away for a rainy day, too. You won't work for the sake of the mankind's or your employer's prosperity by rightfully thinking that good doings are for charity and volunteering activities and work is for making decent living. The higher the Monkey's income, the more work enthusiasm it will show. Salary increase and bonuses - these are the motivators for the Monkeys to work overtime or fill in for a vacationing colleague. The Monkey is ready to work on tax reports in the morning, do meetings in the afternoon, come up with marketing strategies in the evening and guard an office at night if it gets generously paid to do so.

The important rule of 2015 remains the following: be objective about your own strengths and have an unbiased self-opinion when offering your services on the labour market. If you decide you deserve a higher paycheck or a better position, don't be in a rush to look for a new job. Think of why this simple truth doesn't occur to your management and try to nudge them toward this wise idea. The people who overestimate themselves will end up unemployed and will have to accept a less desirable offer. In the year of the Wooden Sheep we should be looking into the future with a share of sound scepticism without believing in tales about fast enrichment and easy career advancement; then our dreams of success will definitely come true!

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Comments: 2015 Horoscope Monkey

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Angie 2015-01-13 16:44:12
Bikaw, I thought I was a rooster for the longest time with the birthday of January 31, 1981, but everything I read about the rooster wasn't really me. When I discovered I was a monkey, it made more sense. You are a monkey as well.
... 2015-06-18 15:34:51
You're left yourself as another monkey.
bikaw 2015-01-05 09:14:27
some says i'm year of the rooster coz i was born year 1981, but according to ENET (google) i was year of the monkey coz my birth date was feb. 4 1981 and the start of year of the rooster was feb. 5 1981, need help to identify my chinese zodiac sign thanks
Mike 2015-01-11 21:41:18
your sign is Monkey. I'm in the same boat as you. My birthday is in January tho
van 2015-01-01 11:35:17
hahah... it really fits me... thank you !

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