2015 Sagittarius Health Horoscope

2015 health horoscope for sagittarius
Many Archers during 2015 will feel fatigued, under the weather and disinterested. Saturn which will enter your Zodiac will bring your attention to many aspects including your health which you are not accustomed to caring about. In the summer time you should go away on vacation even if you havenít planned to do so before. Exacerbation of chronic conditions and general weakening of all bodyís systems can make you want to take time off or a sick day to recuperate. However, during the year youíll have an opportunity to do completely away with many ailments that have been tormenting you for a long time. In order to achieve this, you may have to resort to unconventional treatments.

You should also take note of the following periods of 2015 when your organism will need additional support and treatment:

January 1-12. During this time the Archers should protect their immune system. Any unusual symptoms and any conditions you are not accustomed to should serve as a signal to start a restorative treatment. Going to see a doctor, undergoing a preventative treatment, taking vitamins and immune boosters will help avoid colds and strengthen your health.

April 1-June 12. During this time you are the most vulnerable. Minor fever or fatigue are the indicators of a latent form of a disease. You should see a doctor at the sign of the very first symptoms. The risk of being admitted to hospital because of a simple SARS is quite high. Protect your throat; dress according to the weather conditions. You may find that your ears, nose, upper respiratory tract and thyroid can be quite vulnerable during this phase. Any of the planned surgeries scheduled for this period may fail to yield an expected result.

June 25-August 8. During this time you should pay heightened attention to your personal safety. Thereís a high risk of getting food poisoning. Be very thorough when observing your personal hygiene routine if you donít want an upset stomach. Beware of taking drugs without getting your doctorís prescription first; avoid alcohol. During this period of 2015 the risk of accidents is higher than normal.

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