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Oriental 2015 Horoscope for the Green Wood RAM Year

The upcoming year of 2015 will be rich in positive emotions and intoxicating amorous affairs; after all, its patron - Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) - is exactly this way: it is kind, adventurous, easy to get carried away with something new and exciting, but similarly easy to lose interest. Wooden Sheep is not at all probable to throw a fit after having accidentally learnt that the colleague's salary is higher and it is even less probable to obsess with a bad hair cut or a bad presentation. Life is good and it is nice to have nice people around - this is the motto of this period's patron; we should always keep this in mind. Don't get too emotional about occasional failures and mistakes - the Goat will hardly approve of it. Each problem is similar to a thistle stem and it is up to you to decide whether to keep it close to your heart or carefully hold it by the very end to avoid any prickles. Sober mind and common sense will not be trendy especially when love is in question. 2015 will leave an unforgettable trace in our minds and hearts with its memorable relationships and euphoric feelings. The Goat values sincerity, passion and unselfishness, but at the same time it can be somewhat capricious. When in love, it is ready to devote its whole life to one person by throwing all the starry skies and ocean vast spaces to their feet; but cruel reality with its piles of wrinkled shirts, everyday cooking and resounding snoring at night just keeps knocking those rose-colored glasses off the Goat's eyes.

Many couples will separate due to this exact reason - their desire to live an easy fun life by avoiding difficulties and conflicts. The Goat isn't really that hung up on relationships; so, if the love boat springs a leak, the horned coquette will be the first to jump into a lifeboat. Only the most responsible representatives of the Zodiacs will try to carry out the repairs, rescue missions and resuscitation procedures; the rest will simply offer their partners to stay friends and set off on a new love adventure. However, don't think that by saying a farewell to your loved ones and deleting them from your social network friends' circle you'll forget all about your exes. From time to time they will show up on your radar and waste your time away by complaining about their stern boss, despot of a mother or a nasty new partner. They will deplete your supply of booze, make your brains numb with all the whining and may even spend the night over at your place as a good old tradition. This also speaks to the Goat's influence who, when things are tough, always tries to tell the whole wide world about this regrettable situation by demanding help and support from the others. In 2015 we'll be often complaining and looking for a shoulder to cry on; that's why kind responsive people or those who know how to turn their mind off and nod with an expression of utmost attention and concern on their faces will be in high demand.

Couples in love will be able to successfully arrange their routine life and solve all problems; after all, the Goat, as any other domestic animal, values peace and comfort of a home hearth. This year's patron will help spouses get their joint plans realized and all life obstacles overcome hand-in-hand. The only difficulty the lovers will run into is each of the partners' inertia. 2015 Wood Sheep Year is accustomed to an easy carefree life; thus, thoughts of daily bread and roof about the head seldom run through its pretty head. Yes, of course, all of the above is a part of a mandatory living wage, but the Goat takes it for granted as if things just happen on their own without any efforts and hassle. In 2015 couples will start delegating their household duties to each other, kicking them back and forth as if it was a soccer ball that everyone tries to pass onto the opponent's half of the field. It may very well be that many will agree with the saying that as long as two loving hearts are together, even a shack is a paradise for them; after all, one doesn't have to fix plumbing issues or hang shelves in a shack.

In the year of the Wooden Sheep (Ram, Goat) the top of the career Olympus will be occupied by the representatives of creative professions. If you sing (not only in your soul), paint, write poems or compose music, you may count on the stars' patronage. Generally speaking, any undertaking that is tackled with passion and joy is guaranteed to succeed. It doesn't really matter what serves as a source of joy for you: whether it is creating illustrations for children's books, learning to play the guitar or doing accounting - the important thing is it should be something you really love and not just the way to generate income. Even something that others consider boring is still art in the Goat's eyes if it inspires and motivates.

It will be harder for those who back in the day chose their profession based on how well it paid and how much in demand it was. The patron of 2015 doesn't like being forced to work under the threat of a stick even if the stick is embodied by your own will. Attempting to conquer career heights with only hard work and responsibility in your arsenal is similar to going against a bear with a penknife: it is useless, foolish and fraught with health problems! In 2015 try to do what you like or at least try to enjoy what you do!

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