Horoscope for January 2015

2015 January Horoscope

Free January 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly January 2015 Horoscope
Monthly January 2015 Horoscope

In January 2015, many zodiac Signs will come face to face with situations that may by all means be classified as breakthrough. However, this does not at all mean that January will be a complicated time, on the contrary, all signs of the zodiac will be fed enough energy by their planet-patrons to overcome any life's situation. There is another question, however, and that is how precisely you will overcome difficulties, which methods you will choose, and which allies you will gain. During this winter month, the Sun will come to help all of the zodiac Signs, which is why it is unlikely that anyone will face an energetic crisis. This means that if something happens with your ability to work, then it will be logical to blame either yourself or some precise foe from your environment, one that quietly sucks your life strength. Pluto should be mentioned separately, as he will attempt to help the Earth's inhabitants as much as possible. The energetic emanations of this planet will be especially noticeable in the sphere of personal relationships and business agreements, in other words many people will feel a sharp rise in empathy - an ability to "feel" their counterpart in a conversation. Of course, one should not let this chance go, but using this gift to satisfy only one's own wishes is not the most sensible course of action, one that will most likely require retribution down the road.

In regards to the relevant "celestial leaders", it should be noted that the Water trigon will have to live without additional help this month. One can't say that this is an especially significant loss, especially on the foreground of the general energetic situation, but either way this fact should be noted. The Fire trigon will receive the Moon as its patron. This is an especially original, an absolutely atypical situation, so it is hard to predict its consequences. One thing can be surely stated - in the sphere of personal relationships, the representatives of the Fire sign should not face any problems. Except for a rare exception, that is. The Air trigon in January 2015 will be under the protection of Saturn. The Ruler of Time will have the most direct effect on the lives of these signs. This will manifest itself in the fact that you will be unlikely capable of changing any one situation, even if you really want to. Of course, the final choice is always the prerogative of man, however making that choice now will be especially hard, although it can certainly be said that Saturn does not wish you harm and his help will be tangible. The Earth trigon will define its life path through the influence of Mercury, which means that the signs of this element can hope for serious bonuses in the sphere of sales and entrepreneurship.

Although January 2015 will be quite a positive time, nevertheless the celestial sphere will find in its depths the enemies of human happiness. First and foremost, this is in regards to Mars and Neptune. The Red Planet will be especially "ruthless" and the key aspect of its influence will be the area of health. This means that the representatives of all zodiac Signs should be especially careful, as there is a real risk of getting a virus, and not just the cold typical for this time of year. This is why you should minimize the possibility of illness by excluding risky situations from your life, at least for the first ten-day period of the month. Neptune will focus his attention on those who will have long trips. It is unlikely that there is a serious possibility of a crash, but little annoying nuances are guaranteed. Try to be as attentive as possible and do not allow negligence, this will lower the possibility of a dangerous situation to a minimum.

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