Horoscope for April 2015

2015 April Horoscope

Free April 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly April 2015 Horoscope
Monthly April 2015 Horoscope

The second month of spring of 2015 will not be the most positive of life stages for many of the zodiac signs; some can await disappointments, while others may encounter major problems, bankruptcies and ends of family relationships. Such a cardinal situation is due to the unlucky position of the Sun and Pluto. These planets are antagonists, but in April they will form a special combination that will allow them to combine their negative energetic emanations. In reality, this is not the worst of the situations that may arise from the objects of the Solar System, however, we have not encountered something negative of this magnitude for a long time. We should pay special attention the spheres of health and finances. Relationships will suffer, but to a secondary degree and mostly with friends, not relatives. Of course, such tendencies are defining, yet without a vivid fatalistic component. That means that at any moment a representative of any zodiac sign may change the situation to his favour, no matter how complicated it seems. The individual combinations just affect the level of effort that you have to provide.

In regards to the "celestial leaders", there are good news here - in April 2015, all zodiac signs will receive an extra patron. For the Water trigon, this will be the Moon (as during the last period). It is wondrous how this little satellite will have enough strength to block a lion's share of the solar negativity. It is hard to be more precise, but the Water signs may be luckier than all others. The Fire trigon will receive Mercury as its "celestial leader", a planet that supports diplomacy, business and the finance sphere as a whole. The positive influence of Mercury may be displayed in any form, from great circumstances, to an absolutely new space-time factor that will immediately change the lives of the representatives of this trigon. The Earth signs will fall under the protection of the Moon, as will the signs of the Water trigon. Such a situation does not occur too often, but it would be wrong to call it exceptional. The Earth trigon will receive a special, heightened level of perception that may change their lives' priorities. The "celestial leader" of the Air trigon will be Neptune, the Ruler of the Earthly and Celestial waters. Neptune will be especially lenient to those whose job requires them to travel frequently.

Certainly, April 2015 will find such objects in the Solar System that may build themselves into positive combinations aimed at helping out all of the Earth's denizens. First, we should note Mars - who will provide all trigons with powerful and all-encompassing support. It will be mostly provided to those who are connected with the sphere of business sin one way or another. Moreover, in addition to the Red Planet, Saturn will be on our side this month - as will be the Black Moon, the most unpredictable and mysterious object of the Solar System. Their influence will bring us to the fact that many people will feel the closeness of other planes of existence, the boundaries to which will be especially thin in April. It is hard to say what this will lead to, as in each case the influence is too individualistic for us to be able to determine some general patterns. However, one thing is evident - April 2015 will be a complicated time, but one that is vivid and dynamic. The person who can perceive this unique experience will multiply his strength.

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