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2015 May Horoscope

Free May 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly May 2015 Horoscope
Monthly May 2015 Horoscope

The general stellar energetic background will be reflecting of much more positive color in May 2015 than in the previous month. This is connected with the fact that the Sun will cardinally change its position to a dynamic and active phase that will be characterized by powerful positive emanations. However, during the current moment the solar energy will not be the main ally of the people of Earth. The Moon and the Black Moon will work together in tandem, with the unique combination of these celestial bodies becoming the qualitative basis for many positive events unfolded. It is likely that the Water signs will end up in the most advantageous position, even though the Moon and her Dark Sister will help all of us. At the same time, Saturn - the planet-ruler of the celestial rivers of time, will also assume a very positive position and his emanations will just as well help all the signs indiscriminately. May 2015 will not be all positive, but unlike the previous phase - right now we will have many more possibilities in all areas of life. This is connected with the sphere of entrepreneurship and business, the sphere of personal relationships, and that of health.

Speaking of "celestial leaders", we should note that the Earth trigon will be left without an additional patron. We cannot say that this is a defining moment, but it is self-evident that extra energetic support could always be of benefit. In regards to the Water trigon, in May 2015 he will have Venus as his "celestial leader", a planet that is usually quite lenient towards the Water signs. A result of such position could be a sharpened intuition, a rise in emotional sensitivity, a development of empathic abilities. Obviously this will not always be a plus, but the Water signs will have more opportunities to use their newfound gifts for the good reasons. The Fire trigon will receive Jupiter, which is one of the most powerful energetic centers of the Solar System. This is especially important for sportsmen and soldiers, because Jupiter is traditionally responsible for the fighting, and in a wider definition manly direction. The Air trigon will receive Mercury as its "celestial leader", a small and a strong planet that is responsible for the sphere of entrepreneurship and diplomacy. It is quite evident that the bonuses from this planet will come mostly in the work sphere.

In May 2015, the main antagonist of all zodiac signs will be Mars. This month the Red Warrior will put up a full display of his power and aggression that may turn into a source of global conflicts. We must be careful and attentive not to provoke a situation that may grow like forest fire. This connects with both the sphere of personal relationships and the sphere of social interactions. Mars is not the only one that has the desire to ruin the lives of Earth's denizens this month. A sabotage will be also led by Pluto, a dark and unique planet. Pluto, unlike Mars, acts indirectly and the result of his provocation is usually a wrong interpretation you form of circumstances. People take common situations as arch-important and as a result lose their feeling of reality. It is hard to fight such a situation, but each of the zodiac sign has his own protectors and overall the energetic background will be positive in May 2015.

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