Gemini Horoscope for May 2015

May 2015 Horoscope Gemini

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for May 2015

Monthly May 2015 Horoscope for Gemini
Monthly May 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Gemini

In May 2015, the zodiac sign of Gemini will end up being fully protected from the interstellar negative combinations, but the individual influence of various planets may be quite serious. Firstly you should note the influence of a raging Jupiter, which traditionally plays the role of the planet responsible for the expulsion of the sign of Gemini. It is likely that Jupiter will be strong enough to bring many problems to the sign of Jupiter, especially those focused in the sphere of entrepreneurship and business. At the same time, the sphere of personal relationships will be actively pressed by the powerful, dynamic influence of Venus responsible for the fall of the Gemini sign. This is an uneasy situation which would be certainly negative, if not for the influence of Mercury and Saturn. However, Saturn - the planet-exalt of Gemini, will be significantly reinforced due to its unique position, which is why his strength will be enough to block the negativity of Venus. In its own turn, Mercury - the planet-ruler of the sign of Gemini will also play the role of the "celestial leader" of the Air trigon and the result of such an original combination would be quality support of all the representatives of this zodiac sign.

This way, the work direction for the Gemini will not be as negative in May 2015 as it might have seemed. It is likely that the beginning of the first ten-day period will see some slightly negative event that can easily throw you off your saddle. However, no matter what - do not take what is happening close to heart! You may think that this is a fundamental, life-defining thing, but instead it is a fleeting moment, a very insignificant fact that will not receive a further development. So collect yourself and go forward confidently, since Mercury is on your side - a ruler of trade and a protector of the business sphere. When making especially important deals be very attentive, since currently you have a real chance to receive much more profit than you thought. The main thing is to really understand not just your own position, but also the wishes that drive your partners. Analyze the situation effectively and try to make the decisions that will allow you to make more profit in the future. Long-term projects will be especially successful right now. So concentrate a maximum of resources on those.

The sphere of personal relationships is unlikely to be as rich with possibilities in May 2015 as the work direction. Venus is to blame, as while she will not occupy a dominating position, she will still be able to partly rip through the energetic shield organized by Saturn. This means that you will still have to be careful, especially towards the dusk of the second ten-day period. It is during this time that the position of Venus will be as antagonistic to the position of Saturn as possible, which is why the relationship with your lover may become rather sharp. Right now, it is very important to be flexible in how you make your decisions. Do not try to convince your second half that you are undoubtedly right. It is much more effective to slowly lead her to the idea that she is making a mistake. If you are not in the condition to do so, then you are facing significant arguments with no exception. In your relationship with friends, attempt to take the situation into your own hands, even if no one is asking you for it. Right now there is a possibility that your friendly company will fall apart and this will not be the best result. That is why you should take upon the role of someone who can make the collective strong. The way you do it is up to you.

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