Libra Horoscope for May 2015

May 2015 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for May 2015

Monthly May 2015 Horoscope for Libra
Monthly May 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

For the zodiac sign of Libra, May 2015 will be quite a positive time, despite the fact that the influence of Mars, the planet responsible for the expulsion of this sign, will be reinforced significantly. Overall, the celestial warrior will cause a very negative influence on the sign of Libra, however, during the current life stage this influence cannot become defining since the internal energy, the soul of the Libra will appear to be much stronger. This is mostly connected with the fact that Saturn, the exalt of this sign responsible for the blossoming of its life strength, will turn into an active phase and will empower his positive emanations by many degrees. At the same time, Venus - the planet-ruler of Libra will activate, although she will not be strong enough to carry anything more than a few bonuses concentrated in the sphere of feelings and emotions. The situation with the Sun will be similar, with the Sun being responsible for the fall of the Libra. The negative solar energy will mostly screen through itself due to the interstellar position of this object, so there is no reason to pay special attention to it now. Sadly, but the "celestial leader" of the Air trigon will also avoid having an influence on the zodiac sign of Libra, but in reality just Saturn is enough.

The sphere of business and finances will become a wondrously positive direction for the Libras in May 2015, but everything will depend on the representatives of this sign themselves. Do not hope for the stars to fulfill your duties, regardless of how strong their support might be. That is not important, what is more consequential is how much strength, time, and other resources are you willing to give to accomplish what you have planned. Go forward and leave your doubts behind, you are ready for whatever you need to achieve what you desire. Just do not forget to turn on your brain, at least periodically, because thoughtless movement typically does not end up going anywhere. If you do not have your own business, then concentrate on projects that are as elongated in time as possible - it is them that will bear the most significance right now. Towards the dusk of the first ten-day period it will seem that your actions have no meaning, but do not make a mistake - that is not so. You are full of energy, dare to use it to the full extent! Just be careful, since you may not be the only one coveting the same prize.

The love front will be slightly more defined in May 2015, so you will not have to guess where to go next. By the dawn of the first ten-day period you will encounter vivid and precise tasks that will define your life during this period. It is unlikely that any decision of yours will carry that much fate-changing weight at this moment, but that does not make them unimportant for you. Since one time you will have to answer for each word and each action, so it is best to think before you act. Certainly, it is much simpler to provide this right (the right to think for you) to someone else. In your relationship with your second half be attentive and finally decide what is more important for you - your personal happiness or your happiness together. If you think that this question is not yet relevant, think that the stars do not do things "just because", their advice should be listened to. It is important to make the decision prior to the New Moon (May 18), after which the situation will radically change and the past ambiguity will not let you resolve some relevant and truly important issues. If you are alone, you have time to prepare to meet someone new, as you definitely will towards the end of the third ten-day period.

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