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2015 October Horoscope

Free October 2015 monthly Horoscope

Monthly October 2015 Horoscope
Monthly October 2015 Horoscope

For most zodiac signs, October 2015 will be quiet enough. This is due primarily to the relative stability of the background energy that is not generally characteristic of the period. Usually the negative astral emanations are activated in autumn, causing the inhabitants of the Earth much pain, but this year is an exception. The influence of Mars will be especially strong in the current month and, oddly enough, positive. The Red Planet will be sure to provide us with pleasant emanations, against which not many objects of the solar system can compete. But the celestial warrior will not be alone in his quest to help the children of the zodiac! Venus, the direct antagonist of Mars is also completely on our side. An amazing coincidence, especially when you consider that the two planets are originally direct opponents, among whom in fact there can be no positive interaction. Actually, there will be no interaction, because the emanations of Mars and Venus will focus on radically opposing spheres of human activity. In general, one could also mention the position of Uranus and the Moon, but they will not be decisive, and in fact are highly dependent on individual aspects associated with a particular sign.

As for the "celestial leaders," two trigons will lose additional support in October 2015 - the trigons of Air and Earth. In turn, the trigon of Water will receive Pluto as an additional ally. An unusual combination, the result of which is almost impossible to predict. One thing is clear - the representatives of the Water element will have a considerable fraction of dark energy, which is not always safe for them. This means that the representatives of the Water zodiac signs are advised to be careful when reaching their goals. After all, this combination of elements and the dark energy of Pluto provides for an unpredictable and possibly a dangerous result. However, if we are talking about a person who takes part in hostilities, then all will definitely take shape in his favor. The "celestial leader" of the Fire trigon will be Mercury, which as not difficult to guess, will focus on business. This is an obvious reference point, which in many ways marks the latest trends in the lives of the representatives of the Fire signs, regardless of the individual nuances.

Of course, in October 2015, there will be celestial objects in the solar system that decide to prevent the successful implementation of human plans at any cost. Among these most active enemies would be Saturn, the Lord of the Earthly and Celestial Rivers of Time. Saturn will focus on the field of feelings and emotions, and therefore, people with unstable mentality will have a considerably more difficult time. In general, those who are prone to tantrums and other overly bright displays of affection, will be in the most adverse position, the result of which may well be a break in relations or dismissal from work. This means that someone may have to learn quickly how to cope with their emotions. Besides Saturn, Neptune is our opponent, traditionally managing terrestrial and celestial moisture. As for Neptune, his effect will be much weaker than the emanations of Saturn, but in general, nothing positive will come from this planet. As a result, we get a fairly powerful tandem that could well spoil the lives of all the zodiac signs, however, cannot determine the effect of any give situation.

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