October 2015 Horoscope Taurus

October 2015 Horoscope Taurus

October 2015 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

The zodiac sign of Taurus will go through a fairly calm, harmonious, and a largely neutral life stage in October 2015. In the current time period, the members of this sign will not be awaiting for some really significant events that could determine their status or be at least very important. Everything will take its course and the people born under this sign will be able to entice any particular situation in their favor, at best. At least - they have all the opportunities required. The Moon, the planet-exalt sign of Taurus, will provide her proteges with confident positive energy and the necessary amount of vital force, which will suffice to address all of the pressing problems. Venus, the planet-ruler of Taurus, is stronger than ever and this fact will come in handy, because Saturn (responsible for the fall of the sign) will be reinforced by some interstellar combinations and its own position. As a result of the opposition of Saturn and Venus, both planets will likely fully expend their energy reserves, and as a result, none of them will have a significant impact on the lives of Taurus. Pluto, responsible for the expulsion of the sign, will be the only one with a tangible effect, however, taking into account the active position of the Moon it is unlikely to become an origin of insurmountable situations.

The finance and business sphere will bring a lot of opportunities to Taurus in October 2015. First of all you need to concentrate on your current projects, which you must complete by the end of the month at any cost. It will not be easy, especially in view of the fact that among the objects of the solar system you will have some strong detractors. However, due to the influence of the Moon and, in the first place, thanks to your own persistence, willpower and self-confidence you may overcome all obstacles. The main thing is to believe in yourself and not lose hope, that the world is much better than it sounds. Do not refuse help if it is sincere. But in any case, do not accept gifts, if you understand that they are presented with mercenary motives. Of course, this applies to a greater extent to those who work for themselves or occupy leadership positions. People who do not have their own business, and whose position in the hierarchy of the company is not so high, are recommended by the stars to not be distracted by a third-party adventure, they will not lead to anything good right now. Better deal with your direct duties without unnecessary "frills."

But as far as personal relationships, various freaky things and feints will fall in very handy in October 2015. It will be vital to bring into your relationship something new, bright and loverate. If you are unable to think of anything until October 13 (New Moon), you will probably soon face the rupture of relations. This is quite a serious point, though in fact the problem is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. In general, the entire month, should see you as active, do not turn into "cinephile," or a couch potato regardless of the weather. If you wish, you can always find something to do, especially in the company of true friends. As for the family, right now you will hardly solve any really difficult problems, so you can relax. Do not create unnecessary tension with doubts, right now they will be completely out of place.

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Comments: October 2015 Horoscope Taurus

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Jenny 2015-10-19 11:25:19
Just had a breakup two days ago. Is there any chance that our relationship will work out? Im half dead.
Ash 2015-10-17 23:28:08
can i have the friend back i have brokeup ewith,
GeminiGAL PAL 2015-10-21 16:33:17
I wrote you a really long reply because the Gemini writer in me wrote an article devoted only for you and your current situation. So , I hope that they will set my response to you with freedom because I devoted a lot of time to tell you something to print, to keep, and to uplift. I wrote something very sincere to you and it may now be dated because you wrote this on October 17, 2015, and then again, what I wrote may just help you for a life time because I know 3 Taurus in my life and I just had to give you a good and extra special comment the length of an article because I have had special affinities with Taurus's. So, stay tuned, pray that the moderator will set my words free and keep what I have written close to your heart and even share with your desired one because it may change your life. It may.

A Gemini Gal Pal from the Midwest 😍 😉
GeminiGALPAL 2015-10-21 16:25:44
Message from Ash
can i have the friend back i have brokeup ewith,

Well, yes you can. It is all based on the weight of the circumstances for whatever way the falling out (turned out) at that time.

I like Taurus people myself and you Taurus folks make excellent friends. Just be thoughtful to the feelings of others.

I have a Taurus sister, an ex Taurus husband whom we are friends, and I dated my first love Taurus more many years in high school and in college (he was a "May" Taurus and they can be sexy and terribly selfish with their time)

Apologise when necessary IF you created something of a selfish decision to cause the fall out.

Be honest with this person, tell them that you appreciate the person that they are. Be sincere, review WHY you cared about this person in the first place.

And THIS time, continue to appreciate this person for the rest of their life and yours (unless of course there is some awful sadistic abuse going on, then, of course, keep going and don't peek back).

If this is a relationship where there was no abuse and that the ONLY reason was that there was personality conflicts to be over come, then I really do not see any reason to befriend this person as long as they are not manipulating you or using your kindness and not being a jerk to take this as a weakness, because to be kind and loving is something that needs to come back to this country and for our society. Period.

If your partner is reasonable and can over come past differences and will be mature to enjoy you as a friend and will appreciate you as well, then, go for it.

But if there is ANYTHING hint or sign of trying to create an atmosphere to the other person to feel insecure or
that this person may use some form of "game playing" because you are willing to be humble and appreciate their character, then please go. What ever happens, pace YOURSELF sweet Taurus.

Share your time and space. Be thoughtful, listen to this person whom you want as a friend and treat this reunion as special as you would being a lover.

Friendships are powerful and beautiful connections. Take it seriously and both of you agree to do something different this time around.

Let there be no selfishness of time together, no secrecy, open honesty, no manipulation, no texting while the two of you are enjoying one another directly, then all that I will wish you is the very best.

I don't have to know you to truly want that for you and for this special person.

I hope that this has already happened. It would be nice for you to come back and share what really happen since you last wrote.

Come back and share because , why not, you can your friend maybe able to use these words as encouragement.

And please, try to stay away from "Friendships with Benefits". It sounds so nasty and cold in any era or day and age.

This is where to lay this out on the table. The both of you are either going to commit for the good haul or this may turn out very unhappy.

Shoot for the Good and the sweet. If you really want this person back as your lover, just say so. If this person needs time, respect the friendship and create that space of fun and trips and good times.

Be the ear for this person and expect the same.

If this person is a silly fool whom you have to teach these basic things that we are discussing, there are really too many seas and more than enough different types of fish, I mean, who has to go stop at the water, you can go on land and connect to a cuddly friend (no sex unless this is about being serious because if not this is where the trouble starts and that is a promise). But Don't limit your connections.

Before you go back for a friendship with this person, really ask yourself why this did not last.

Ask yourself , if they could not be your lover and your friend, have they matured (or you, sorry it takes two) to reopen the one another's heart for this.

Where you are now, or when you wrote this you are safe and there will not be any heartbreak, if you and your friend can transition this and keep it at the friendship status, then, this just may work out .

Sorry Taurus, Geminis are known for wanting to help out. I am not the "bad" Gemini. I am the 3rd level Gemini who is nicer and does not like to play games with the hearts of others, whether they are my friend or my lover.

Take care, where ever you are Dear Taurus. Keep real, honest, and pave it with solid intentions.

Remember, of you are NOT getting the mutual end of this.

Run, keep running, treat your self to Amazon and get a box set of your favourite series and be your own awesome friend until a good mutual one comes along.

Friendships must be loving and lovers must be a friend.

It really is as simple as that. Protect each other and show them what I wrote.

Watch their expression and you will know Taurus.

Try not to be too stubborn or walled up. Listen to this former lover and you will know where you stand. As I mentioned before, you have the open sea, air, water and earth for a lovelier encounter to happen. You do. I can say it, because I experienced it and I pray for this to last.

Love to ya Taurus...Print this out for safe keeping as this will be your secret recipe inter woven with your own experiences.

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